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 Visa-free travel has become commonplace for Ukrainians. Every year more and more citizens enjoy this advantage. Have we ever wondered what the conditions are for foreigners to enter Ukraine? Do they need a visa? It should be noted at once that the conditions of entry for each country are different. Today we will consider the peculiarities of the entry of foreigners into Ukraine with the help of an electronic visa, initiated by the Ukrainian government.

 An electronic visa is one of the types of visas and is a document that is submitted via the Internet, stored in a specific database and linked to the series and passport number.

The characteristics of such a visa include the following:

  • Remote submission of documents at any time and without visiting any authorities;
  • Tracking the status of the visa application;
  • Opportunity to choose the usual procedure of registration or accelerated;
  • Opportunity to use ongoing support at the link evisa@mfa.gov.ua;
  • Speed ​​of registration: up to three working days – in the usual order and 1 day – in the urgent; At urgent registration it is necessary to pay a double consular fee;
  • Existence of single and double entry visas;
  • The cost of a visa is $ 20 for a single and $ 30 for a double.

 Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issues visas for citizens of 45 countries. The grounds for registration are the presence of the purpose:

  • Business;
  • Private;
  • Tourist;
  • For treatment;
  • Activities in the field of culture, science, education and sports;
  • Acting as a media outlet.

 You can fill out an application for a visa at https://evisa.mfa.gov.ua/.

 Consider the features of filling out such an application. After authorization in the office you need to fill out a form that provides information about:

  • Citizenship;
  • The purpose of the trip;
  • Type, series and passport number.

Next you need to get:

  • photography;
  • a copy of the passport with personal data;
  • a copy of a valid health insurance policy with coverage of at least 30 thousand euros;
  • documentary evidence of the availability of funds for travel;
  • documentary confirmation of the purpose of the visit.

 The next step is to fill in the clarifying information. As mentioned above, this application will be considered within 3 days. Based on the results of the examination, you will receive a ready visa to the specified e-mail in pdf format. To enter, you must print a visa from the e-office and present it with the passport to the border guard. It is valid for entry through both land and air, rail, sea or road checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine.

 The introduction of e-visas will significantly simplify the visa “bureaucracy”, which will increase the number of people wishing to visit our country, which is progressive for the development of many areas of the state and increase the budget.

 If you need visa support or other migration services, please contact the lawyers of the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners” will provide qualified assistance and answers to all your questions.

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