While ensuring measures of the martial law regime, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the status of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine.

During the operation of the martial law, there are a lot of foreigners that have refused from their homeland defence or who did not have such a defence:

Refugees/people, who need additional protection or who need a defence of Ukraine are needed to bring:

  • refugee certificate
  • refugee travel document
  • identity card in need of additional protection
  • certificate of application for protection in Ukraine

Stateless persons/persons who have applied for recognition as a stateless person in Ukraine/persons with uncertain citizenship are to bring with them:

  • stateless identity card for travel abroad
  • temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit issued to a stateless person
  • certificate of application for recognition as a stateless person in Ukraine
  • passport of a citizen of the former Soviet Union model 1974.

Imagine if you suddenly find yourself in a foreign country without documents, acquaintances, relatives or friends. You immediately start thinking about how to stay in this country legally and find yourself.

This is how foreigners feel in such situations.

When you come in our company, be ready to tell all the details of your issue – where you were born, in what school you studied, where you received your first passport and other documents, where you worked, how you got to this or another country.

This information is required by the lawyer to send attorneys’ requests to confirm the information provided by you. The first result was not long in coming – you would have an opportunity to receive a birth certificate!

Also your lawyer in our company would have to send a request to the embassy in your country in order to confirm of your citizenship.

The stories of everyone who seeks help from our company are not only a difficult legal task, but also a life story of foreigners, Ukrainians, foreign Ukrainians and all others, which reflects the modern history of Ukraine and its problems.

If you suddenly decide to apply for citizenship by birth or territorial origin, so in that case you need to take account of:

  • acquisition of citizenship by birth
  • acquisition of citizenship by territorial origin

In the first case these documents are needed:

  • application for registration of acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by birth;
  • a copy of the person’s birth certificate;
  • a copy of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine or another document provided for in Article 5 of the Law, confirming the fact that one of the parents of a person is a citizen of Ukraine at the time of his birth.

In the second case, if the adult was born on the territory of Ukraine:

  • application for acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin;
  • two photographs (size 35 x 45 mm);
  • obligation to terminate foreign citizenship;
  • a copy of the birth certificate or other document confirming the fact of birth of a person on the territory of Ukraine.

Remember: foreigners who are citizens (subjects) of several states, undertake to terminate the citizenship of all these states. Obligation to terminate foreign citizenship is not required from foreigners who are citizens (subjects) of states whose legislation provides for automatic termination of citizenship (citizenship) of these states simultaneously with the acquisition of citizenship of another state, or if Ukraine’s international agreements with other states whose citizens are foreigners, provide for the termination of citizenship of these states at the same time as the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship.

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