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Divorce lawyer in Kyiv

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Being in complex family situations citizens often enter into disputes with each other and more and more are thinking about breaking up marriage. In such cases, a divorce lawyer becomes a key aspect in defending your legal rights and interests. If you are in town Kyiv and you don't know which family lawyer is better refer to this article just for you

During selection, First of all, you need to find a divorce lawyer in Kyiv to answer the following question :

  • What is the proposed cost Are you satisfied with the services of a lawyer?
  • which ones of divorce papers trace submit?
  • which one processes the division of property during the termination of marriage and with whom they will be staying children after divorce etc.?

After forming clear answers, only then you can start to search for legal specialists from family law.

Let's consider some in more detail from the aforementioned questions.

Which usually list documents must be submitted to break up a marriage in Kyiv?

If one does not have a spouse common children under 18 and no one there are no objections against breaking up a marriage, then in this case necessary apply to the RAC with the following documents:

  • in writing an application for divorce in which are specified voluntary intentions to break up the marriage;
  • to confirm that a man and a woman were really married - a marriage certificate;
  • passports of each spouse.

If the spouses cannot decide with whom the child will live or divide the property between them, or someone objects to the dissolution of the marriage, then in this case you should apply to the court with the following documents:

  • two copies of the statement of claim;
  • a certificate confirming the payment of the court fee;
  • if the spouses have joint children - a copy of their birth certificates ;
  • only the original marriage certificate (courts do not accept a copy);
  • a copy of the passport and RNOCPP.

How is property divided during divorce?

First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand that the property that was acquired only in the joint property of the spouses during the marriage (purchase and sale of real estate, car, etc.) is subject to division.

And that which is the personal property of each of the spouses is not subject to division (property acquired before marriage, purchased with personal funds of one of the spouses, etc.).

However, if the spouses still do not have the opportunity to agree between themselves on the division of property, then in this case it is necessary to go to court. The judge will take into account all the circumstances of the case and will make a decision on the division of property based on the available evidence and the interests of each spouse.

If you are looking for really experienced divorce lawyers in the city of Kyiv, then contact the law firm "Prykhodko and Partners".

Our company has been on the market since January 26, 2017. During this time, we have assembled a qualified team, which includes more than 30 specialists in their field, including specialists in family law.

And that's why we understand complex issues during a divorce: how the divorce will proceed if there are children in Kyiv, how to divide the property between the spouses in order to fully take into account your interests, what documents need to be submitted, etc.

In addition, we apply an individual approach to all clients, which allows us to find optimal solutions for each situation.

Come for a consultation and see for yourself the high level of our legal services!

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