Disputes between LLC founders: Key aspects and resolution strategies

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Disputes between LLC founders: Key aspects and resolution strategies

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Joint ventures are often a challenging journey where founders may encounter different perspectives, ideas and goals. Such disputes can arise at any stage of the development of an enterprise, from a startup to a large corporation.


Typical causes of disputes between LLC founders:

  • Difference in business views

Each founder may have his own ideas about how the company should develop, which markets should be captured, or which products should be developed. Disagreement in these relations can lead to serious conflicts.

  • Unequal contribution

Sometimes one founder can invest more resources that have a decisive impact on the success of the business than others. This can lead to a feeling of inequality.

  • Management roles and responsibilities

Defining roles and responsibilities can be a source of contention. Each founder may have their own idea of who should make decisions in certain areas of the business.

  • Financial issues

Controversial issues related to finances, such as profit sharing, salaries, investments and other financial aspects, can lead to conflicts.

Strategies for resolving disputes between LLC founders:

  • Communication

Open and effective communication is the key to resolving most conflicts. Founders should freely discuss their ideas, needs and expectations for the business. In case of misunderstandings or serious conflicts, a mediator may be needed to help the founders find a compromise solution.

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities can help avoid misunderstandings. This may include the division of responsibilities and decision-making.

  • Conclusion of the agreement

The founders can enter into an agreement or agreements regarding key aspects of the business, such as profit sharing, governance and conflict resolution.

  • Legal aid

In some cases, legal assistance may be required to resolve complex issues or protect the rights of the founders.

  • Judicial protection

In the case of major conflicts, it is sometimes necessary to involve the court in order to obtain a decision, cancel registration actions, or recover damages.


Disputes between LLC founders can be a business challenge, but with the right approach, they can be resolved. Open communication, definition of roles and responsibilities, conclusion of agreements and, if necessary, recourse to mediation or legal assistance are important. The road to successful dispute resolution can be difficult, but founders who strive to find a mutual solution are usually able to achieve their goals and build a strong business.

The legal company "Prykhodko and partners" can become a reliable partner in resolving disputes between the founders of the LLC. Thanks to their experience and knowledge in the field of corporate law, the lawyers of this company can provide qualified legal assistance to founders in difficult situations. They can help to conclude corporate agreements between the parties, develop conflict resolution strategies and ensure that the rights and interests of each founder are protected. In addition, "Prykhodko and Partners" lawyers can act as a mediator in difficult negotiations and ensure an objective and fair resolution of disputes.

Thanks to their professionalism and effective strategies, the resolution of disputes between LLC founders can be achieved through the joint efforts of the parties, ensuring the stability and successful development of the enterprise.

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