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Designed by the type of doctrines about the beasts for the unspoken in Ukraine

Dedicated to the world of animals. Obovyazkіv, forever the Law of Ukraine “About bіzhentsіv that іб, supposedly require a dobrovochnyh about hourly zahistu” that with the laws of Ukraine, to the residual status of such an individual or its excess territory of Ukraine. At the day of the otrimannya declared about a special individual, who would need a dojo, a territorial voluntary medical inspectorate of the species, who claimed a petition for a beast for a haranger in Ukraine. Dovidka looks like a line for one month.

In the case of the adoption of a decision on the execution of documents for the provision of food and services for women, a special individual, required by the professional body, the territorial body of the medical inspectorate is promoted in lines, for the supply of goods for Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.

In addition, the truth about the beastwork behind the zakhist in Ukraine seems to be the Territorial Body of the LCA at the time of the applicant’s rights to get a license to decide on the issue of the party’s special status, which he wanted to buy. Dovidka looks like a line for three months from the next three months to the line of the day for the whole hour.

Under the heading of the the ruling of the ship decoration. In order to carry out a decision on a court order, away from each other three times a line to find a way of looking after a young woman behind a hawk in Ukraine, you need to write a letter for information about the camp to look at justice and draw a jerry and draw a jerry and draw a jerk.

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