Deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship

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Deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship

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During the grueling defensive war, which began with the treacherous Russian invasion, one can hear in the information space proposals such as that some people should be deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. We are talking about traitors, collaborators, odious deputies. Therefore, the question arises, what are the grounds for deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship. The Internet is often searched for information, for which they can be deprived of the citizenship of Ukraine. However, to begin with, it is worth understanding whether this is even real.

Deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship - information deskIs there a procedure for revocation of Ukrainian citizenship?

There is no such procedure in Ukraine. Therefore, a person cannot be deprived of citizenship. Another thing is that she can lose it herself, but first let’s try to figure out why the deprivation of citizenship is impossible. Deprivation and loss are not a play on words, but two fundamentally different legal categories, one of which is possible and the other is not. It is worth touching on in more detail some key theses that regulate the issue of citizenship in Ukraine. So:

  • There is a single citizenship in our country.
  • It is impossible to revoke citizenship, which absolutely does not exclude the right of a citizen to change his citizenship of his own free will, if the person so decides.

It is also important that the list of reasons for acquiring and losing citizenship is regulated only by current legislation. No authorities and individuals can act at their own discretion here. International conventions to which our state has joined indicate that renunciation of citizenship, which would lead to the status of a stateless person, is not allowed.

Here it is also worth adding about situations when a person committed a serious crime against his state. One can hear many speculative statements that in such a case citizenship should be revoked. However, in practice this is not only impossible, but also impractical. When a person has committed treason or another serious crime, he, on the contrary, must answer to the state according to the full rigor of the law.


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Deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship - team informationWhen loss of citizenship is possible?

Above, we considered the question of why it is impossible to revoke the citizenship of Ukraine. And now let’s touch on the situations in which it can be lost. These are cases when:

  • A person voluntarily became a citizen of another state.
  • Obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine took place fraudulently – for example, on the basis of forged documents, which served as the basis for this.
  • A person voluntarily entered military service in another state.

In such cases, Ukrainian citizenship is lost.

Deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship - aboutWhat is the difference between deprivation and loss of citizenship?

If our state had a mechanism for depriving Ukrainian citizenship, it would indicate that it initiates this process. And when we talk about loss, we are not talking about initiation, but about witnessing what has already happened. The procedure is completed by the corresponding Presidential Decree.


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