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So, procedurally, leaving Ukraine for permanent residence abroad can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Obtaining an exit permit from the migration service;
  • Deregistration of place of residence and military registration;
  • Movement across the state border.

The non-block stage is considered to be the receipt of permission documents for leaving the permanent residence from the tax office.

Let's consider each stage separately in more detail.

  • Permit to leave for PMP from the migration service. No matter how strange it may sound, this is the simplest stage, since no additional actions or moral experiences occur in a person during it. You must contact the migration service at the place of your registration and provide a package of documents, including: internal passport, all foreign passports of Ukraine, photos, military registration document and wait for a decision. According to the law, you will have to wait 3 months. In practice, during martial law - up to 6 months in some regions. The problem may arise with violators of the law in the line of the police and security services.
  • Deregistration of the place of residence and, accordingly, military registration. This stage requires only removal from the registered place of residence, but due to changes in the rules of registration and removal from registration of the place of residence - to receive this service, men (namely men) must first remove themselves from military registration at the military headquarters. And here the hell begins: because it is clear that during martial law, men who come to be removed from military registration in order to leave Ukraine for permanent residence abroad will not be "patted on the head" in the military. In such cases, it is necessary to seek legal help from specialized lawyers so that they can explain your rights to the employees of the military office in legal language. The result of removal from military registration will be a certificate of removal from registration and withdrawal of a military registration document.

The non-block stage is the receipt of permission documents to travel abroad on a PMP from the tax authorities. A person must apply for the place of his registration to the tax service unit and submit an application for obtaining a certificate of absence of debts for going abroad on a PMP. The term for providing such a certificate is from 10 days by law, up to a month - in practice.

This stage can become problematic only for FOPs, or for persons who were FOPs and ceased their activities, but did not pass the audit/chamber inspection in time.

After passing the above-described stages, it is necessary to contact the migration service for the last time to put a stamp on the foreign passport of Ukraine in the foreign passport.

Crossing the state border. This is the finish line. Among the documents you must have with you: a foreign passport with a note about going abroad on a PMP, a certificate from the tax office on the absence of debts for taxes and fees, a certificate of removal from the place of residence, a certificate of removal from military registration. However, during the period of martial law in Ukraine, the border guard has the right to individually assess the documents provided by the person and to demand others that are not provided for by law. And this is not arrogance or a hint of corruption - but reality. In practice, our lawyers observe the demand by border guards for the original permit for temporary or permanent residence abroad, a passport of another country, etc. - in material form, in order to be convinced of the veracity of departure for a permanent residence abroad, and not just another way to escape from the borders of Ukraine, violating conditions of wartime.


The most common mistakes

The most serious mistake men make is prematurely issuing a permit from the migration service for departure to a permanent place of residence, without prior consultation with specialized specialists in order to fully understand and be aware of the process as a whole. Most often, men, after receiving permission, cannot withdraw from military registration, because they receive refusals with which they cannot do anything.

Please note that by involving a lawyer in this matter BEFORE the procedure for obtaining a permit from the migration service begins, you are guaranteed to get a positive result, including in matters related to the military commissariat.

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Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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