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Citizens of Ukraine are free to move and choose their place of residence. But unfortunately, with the beginning of a full-scale war, this right became limited for some categories of persons. Men who have the right to deferment from mobilization are increasingly interested in the issue of leaving Ukraine.

For example, according to the Rules for Crossing the State Border by Citizens of Ukraine, which were introduced on September 10, 2022, a husband can go abroad with his disabled wife. That is, the key rule is to accompany the wife of a disabled person abroad. If a man tries to leave Ukraine himself, it may happen that he will not be allowed at the border.

Documents confirming the right to leave

  • Documents certifying the identity of citizens who plan to leave. It is clear here that passports must be available.
  • Copies of documents confirming family relationships. In this situation, such documents are a marriage certificate.
  • Copies of documents confirming the disability of a friend. Such documents are a pension certificate or a certificate on the appointment of social assistance, it can also be a certificate of receipt of a pension or social assistance for disability. It is worth noting that the MSEK certificate is not a document that allows you to cross the border. It was removed from the list in order to eliminate cases of abuse.

All copies of documents must be notarized. It is also better to have their originals with you.

  • Does the wife's disability group matter?

- No, regardless of the disability group, a man can go abroad accompanying his wife. Even group 3 disability gives the right to travel abroad.

  • Can a man leave on his own?

- Yes, it is possible, but in this case, the person being accompanied must enter the consular register.

  • How many times can you leave?

- The number of border crossings is not limited by law. That is, it means that you can leave as many times as you need.

  • Do you need the permission of the TCC and the JV?

The legislation does not require any permits from the TCC and SP in the case of a husband who has a wife with a disability traveling abroad. That is, it is not necessary to apply in advance to the TCC and SP.


Therefore, a man who has a wife with a disability can go abroad as a military man. Of course, each situation is individual, but in case of unclear circumstances, it is worth using legal assistance. After all, professional consultations of specialists in the field of military law will help to avoid many mistakes. And knowing your rights is the key to their successful implementation.

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