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Quite often individuals and owners of legal entities inviolability of honor, dignity and business reputation are asked how to remove information from the Internet because such information can cause significant damage and cause not only non-material damage but also material.

With the help of the “WHO IS” service it is possible to try to establish the owner of the Internet site where the information to be deleted was posted. Then you should try to write the owners of the site, hosting provider or domain name registrar (of course, if such information is not hidden) a letter detailing the problem and requesting the removal of information. The domain name registrar or provider should write a letter to the site owner with a request and give 48 hours to resolve the issue.

You should be prepared that the domain name registrar, hosting provider and site owner will not respond to such requests, and if this happens, you will need to file a complaint with the relevant search engine. For example, GOOGLE has a special form for relevant complaints, namely the Dmca reporrt form.

If you take the search engine “GOOGLE” and the material contains clear information that can identify a person who needs to delete information, and especially photos where the face is clearly visible, the probability of deleting such information is about 80%.

It is also worth noting that GOOGLE does not contain a separate section on the removal of inaccurate information, information that violates the right to inviolability of honor, dignity and business reputation, as opposed to information that infringes copyright. This can be considered a kind of problem, because in fact anyone can post any information on the Internet (in our case negative), and delete it will not be so easy and even “GOOGLE” does not contain a special item.

If the above methods did not give the desired results, the only option would be to apply to the court with a statement of claim to protect the honor of dignity and / or business reputation, but it should be noted that this path will be quite long and may require certain resources, especially financial. After winning the court and obtaining a decision on the case, you will need to contact the technical support of the relevant search engine to enforce the court’s decision by deleting any information.

At the same time, you should pay attention to “Search Engine Reputation Management”, which is aimed at managing the reputation of search engines. That is, in this way, a site with information that violates the right to inviolability of business reputation can be moved to lower positions. In addition, this term may include actions of a negative nature, such as fake sites, misleading algorithms.

Thus, it is possible to delete information from the Internet on your own, but in order to save your time and other resources, we advise you to consult a specialist in this field.

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