Фото: Deferment from the army: how to apply?

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Deferment from the army: how to apply?

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During mobilization activities, some citizens are entitled to a postponement of conscription into the Armed Forces. Obtaining a deferral from mobilization allows you to take into account specific life circumstances.

At the same time, the mechanism for obtaining a postponement of conscription during mobilization provides for clear criteria and procedures for its execution. This makes it impossible to abuse this right and ensures a balanced approach to manning military formations with the necessary human resources.


Who can get a deferral?

Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of obtaining a deferral for certain categories of citizens:

  1. Persons with dependent minor children and/or disabled adults, as well as single able-bodied family members who support disabled relatives, may be granted a deferment.
  2. Also, due to disability, those who are temporarily unfit for military service for health reasons in accordance with a medical certificate.
  3. Full-time students, postgraduates and doctoral students, as well as teachers and researchers of scientific institutions and educational institutions.
  4. For family reasons, whose close relatives (children, parents, husband/wife) were killed, went missing or are in captivity during hostilities.
  5. The deferral may be granted to members of parliament, employees of certain state bodies, law enforcement agencies and strategically important enterprises.
  6. Reservists who have recently been discharged from regular military service may also apply for a deferment.

The procedure for obtaining a deferment from mobilization

To obtain a deferment during mobilization, you must follow the following procedure:

  • Applying to the TCC
    To obtain a postponement of conscription during mobilization, you must apply to the TCC You should clearly rely on the paragraph of Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization", which justifies the applicant's right to postpone the mobilization call, as well as the grounds that confirm this right.
  • Confirmation of the grounds
    The application shall be accompanied by the necessary documents confirming the existence of grounds for obtaining a deferral in accordance with the said Article.
  • Consideration of the TCC's appeal
    After receiving an application, the TCC reviews the materials and decides whether or not to grant a deferment.
  • Positive decision
    In case of a positive decision, the person liable for military service may be issued a temporary certificate, and the data on the deferral is entered into the electronic register "Oberig".
  • Consequences of non-compliance with the order
    Failure to comply with the established procedure for registration may be grounds for refusal to satisfy the application for postponement of mobilization.

The term of the deferral

The term of the postponement is determined individually and is limited to the period of its implementation. If mobilization activities continue after the expiration of the postponement period, a person liable for military service must apply to the Conscription Commission with a new application and documents for a possible extension of the postponement of the call-up.


Legal assistance in obtaining a deferral

If you need to get a deferral from mobilization, you should seek legal assistance to help you resolve all the complexities of the law and the specifics of the situation. The lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners will help you at all stages. From the correct collection of documents to the need to represent interests in court when appealing against decisions of the draft board.

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