Declaration on the facility’s readiness for exploitation under amnesty

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Declaration on the facility’s readiness for exploitation under amnesty

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If you did not put your own house or other real estate into operation on time, the Declaration on the readiness of the object for operation under amnesty is exactly what you need. It is difficult enough to prepare all the necessary documents on your own. That is why it is better to seek help from professional lawyers. The lawyers of our firm Prykhodko and Partners will do this as efficiently and qualitatively as possible.


Construction amnesty: legislative framework

Construction amnesty is a simplified legalization procedure regulated by law, i.e. putting into operation real estate objects that were built from 08/05/1992 to 04/09/2015. An important condition is that the real estate object must be built on a plot of land that has the appropriate purpose.

Among the real estate objects that can be put into operation under construction amnesty:

  • Outbuildings and buildings. Their total area should be up to 300 m2.
  • Individual residential buildings - up to 300 m2.
  • Country houses and garden houses - up to 300 m2.

That is, in the process of registering a real estate object under the construction amnesty, it is not expected to obtain construction permits or a construction passport.

Among the documents that must be prepared in order to receive the Declaration on the facility's readiness for exploitation under amnesty:

  • Technical passport (it must be current, i.e. received no later than 12 months ago).
  • Notarized copies of documents for the land plot.
  • Technical inspection report (relevant for buildings and other structures with an area of more than 100 m2.


Stages of the procedure for commissioning a real estate object under construction amnesty

The procedure for the legalization of a real estate object under construction amnesty involves the following stages:

  • Production of a technical passport.

In the technical passport, there must be a note about conducting an inspection of real estate objects that were erected arbitrarily. Certified engineers deal with this issue. They are the ones who enter the document in the relevant register.

  • Development of a technical report.

This is confirmation of a qualified inspection of the building structure. This stage will be needed only in relation to commercial buildings and structures, the area of which is more than 100 m2.

  • Registration of the Declaration, which will serve as confirmation of the readiness of the introduction of the real estate object into operation.
  • Assigning a postal address to a real estate object. Issuance of the relevant certificate from the local self-government body.
  • Registration of ownership of real estate.

The last step is to obtain an extract from the register of property rights to the real estate object.

Assistance of lawyers in drafting the Declaration on the facility's readiness for exploitation under amnesty

It is quite difficult to independently prepare documents and go through all the stages of commissioning a real estate object. That is why it is better to use the help of professionals. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a full range of services for registration of real estate objects and their commissioning. From the first consultation to obtaining a legally confirmed ownership right, our lawyers will complete all tasks in the shortest possible time. We work exclusively for results!

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