Declaration of cryptocurrency in Ukraine for the declaration of a civil servant (NAZK)

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Declaration of cryptocurrency in Ukraine for the declaration of a civil servant (NAZK)

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In today’s world, cryptocurrency occupies an important place in the economy and finance, and Ukraine is no exception. The growing popularity of digital assets creates new challenges for legal regulation, particularly in the area of declaring financial assets, and this is especially true for public officials.

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) is introducing new requirements for the declaration of cryptocurrency by civil servants. This step is part of a strategy to increase transparency and fight corruption in public institutions.


What does a cryptocurrency declaration cover?

Cryptocurrency declaration for government officials covers various aspects of their crypto holdings. In particular, they must declare the following:

  • Number of cryptocurrency assets. In the declaration, the employee must indicate the amount of ownership of various types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others.
  • Investment and trade. If a public servant invests or trades in cryptocurrency, he is required to provide all relevant details such as trade volume, profit or loss.
  • Wallet addresses. Specify in detail the addresses of crypto wallets where digital assets are stored. This contributes to greater transparency and prevents the illicit circulation of funds.

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Why declare it?

There are several valid reasons for declaring cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to government officials. The main purposes of declaration in this context include:

  • Transparency and fight against corruption. Declaring cryptocurrencies helps create a transparent environment in which the financial assets of government officials can be tracked. This helps to prevent corruption and other shortcomings by ensuring effective control over their financial situation.
  • Identification of conflicts of interest. Declaring cryptocurrencies can help identify potential conflicts of interest between public service and an employee’s personal financial interests. This is important to ensure objectivity and prevent the use of the official position for personal purposes.


  • Compliance with legislation. New cryptocurrency declaration requirements often become part of legislative initiatives aimed at adapting the legal environment to rapidly changing technological realities. Compliance with these requirements is mandatory for civil servants.
  • Ensuring financial stability. Declaring cryptocurrencies can be helpful in ensuring the employee’s financial stability and well-being. This allows them to effectively manage their finances and avoid possible risks associated with changes in the value of cryptocurrencies.
  • Informing the public. Declarations of ownership of cryptocurrencies can also serve as a source of information for the public regarding the financial assets of government officials. This contributes to a high degree of openness and accountability to society.

Overall, the declaration of cryptocurrencies for public officials is a key element in ensuring the ethical and legal conduct of public affairs, promoting higher standards of transparency and accountability in the public service.

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How can our law firm help?

Our law firm “Prykhodko and Partners” is ready to provide qualified support to civil servants in the process of declaring cryptocurrency. We have experience in financial law and regulation, and understand all aspects of the cryptocurrency market. Our team of experts is ready to provide advice, help in the preparation of declarations and protect the rights and interests of our clients before the NAKC.

Contact us for qualified legal support and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements in the field of cryptocurrency declaration. Our goal is to make the process as efficient and safe as possible for our customers.
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