Фото: Debt restructuring for housing utilities

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Debt restructuring for housing utilities

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In the era of urbanization and rapid technological progress, communal goods have become an integral part of everyday life. However, due to financial troubles, some consumers face the problem of late payment of bills for services provided. Accumulation of debt obligations puts pressure on both debtors and supplier companies.


Restructuring as a way out

Restructuring of debts for communal services is one of the legitimate ways to solve the situation. It provides for the possibility of gradual repayment of the debt on more favorable terms than in the case of forced collection. This allows consumers to overcome temporary financial difficulties and avoid radical consequences.

Фото: Debt restructuring for housing utilities

Restructuring conditions

Consumers who, due to objective reasons, have accumulated debts for electricity, gas, heating, water supply, etc., but are unable to make a one-time payment, can draw up a restructuring agreement. For this, they need to contact the communal enterprise "Communal Service Center".


Restructuring allows you to divide the total amount of debt into separate parts and pay them off gradually during the stipulated period. This removes a one-time financial burden from the debtor and helps to cope with obligations.

The subsidy requires restructuring

It is important to remember that in order to receive a state housing subsidy for the new heating season, in the presence of debt, it is necessary to confirm the fact of its restructuring.

List of debts for restructuring:

  • Maintenance of the house and the surrounding area
  • Operation of an apartment building
  • Removal of solid household waste
  • Supply of thermal energy and hot water
  • Centralized water supply and drainage

Registration procedure

In order to restructure the debt, you should make an appointment in advance at the district branch of KP "Community Service Center". During the visit, it is necessary to submit a petition and a package of documents: passport/ID card, TIN, title documents for the residence, if necessary, a notarial power of attorney of the representative. After updating the data and comparing the indicators, the specialist will agree on the terms of the restructuring.


Signing the agreement

Upon completion of all preparatory procedures, the consumer will be invited to visit the nearest service center of the company for the final registration and signing of the contract on the restructuring of debt for communal services. This applies to cases when the initial application and submission of documents took place remotely.

During the personal visit, the specialist will additionally verify the information, check the completeness of the documents and, if necessary, provide final clarifications regarding the terms of repayment of the restructured debt.

After the contract is signed by both parties, the consumer will receive his copy of the document that will confirm the legitimacy of the installment debt for utility services. This contract will be needed in the future to be presented to the social security authorities when applying for a state housing subsidy.

Фото: Debt restructuring for housing utilities

Legal support

If you are faced with debt obligations related to utility payments, but do not know how to act, contact the legal company "Prykhodko and Partners" for professional help. Their experts will help you understand the situation and offer the best legal mechanisms for its resolution: clarification on restructuring, support of document flow, representation of interests in the event of disputes.

A qualified approach will protect your rights as a utility consumer.

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Lawyer in the practice of bankruptcy of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Specializes in write-off of bank and MFI loans through the bankruptcy procedure.

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