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The purpose of the project. Constant monitoring of open databases for active notification of users about existing violations, fines, credit debts, alimony debts, open enforcement proceedings against such persons, information about bankruptcy, legal disputes with the aim of timely prevention of prosecution of persons or provision of legal services to such persons in need.

What is the target audience of your project?

The users of the application, men and women, living in the entire territory of Ukraine and having from minimal interest in legal issues and their legal status to a clearly formulated request for legal services aged 19 and over. Among them, we can single out conscript men between the ages of 19 and 60 who live throughout Ukraine, as well as women between the ages of 19 and 60 who mostly live in the central, northern and western parts of Ukraine.

What problem does your project solve for its target audience?

Identification and notification of users of the application (project) about their open data, about which they may not be properly informed by government authorities, for the purpose of informing them and solving their questions and problems by our lawyers, at the same time, forming transparent and free access to such data, eliminating the element of corruption that may arise at the stage of notifying a person about the existence of debts or other obligations (violations).

How did you identify this problem?

The number of available debts of Ukrainians.

Statistics show that as of August 2022, the number of debts owed by Ukrainians amounted to 7,881,186.

The number of existing debts of entrepreneurs.

During active hostilities in Ukraine, the tax debt increased by 15% — by 16.8 billion hryvnias. Currently, the amount of tax arrears is over UAH 124 billion.

The number of newly opened enterprises (FOP\legal entities).

Since the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, more than 51,000 new businesses have been registered. Of these, 43,000 are sole proprietorships and 8,000 legal entities.

At the beginning of June, a new record of FOP registrations was recorded — 4,652 entrepreneurs.

During the year, the total number of enforcement proceedings for the debts of Ukrainians also increased by 33%.

If in August 2020 4,665,510 proceedings were opened, then in August 2021 this amount increased to 6,219,371. Currently, the number of recoveries is 7% of all debt proceedings.

2.2 584 779 million fines in the amount of 1 029 217 060 hryvnias were issued last year thanks to the auto-fixation system. The number of all unpaid fines for traffic violations in the Unified Register of Debtors increases every year. In 2021, their number increased by 19% and amounted to 1,327,440 fines.

Over 1.5 million fines for violations of the Traffic Rules were issued by auto-fixation cameras in 9 months of the current year.

New data suggests that ERB has halted growth during a full-scale invasion. After all, for comparison, for the same period in 2021, twice as many enforcement proceedings for debts were recorded — almost 944,000.

The greatest growth was recorded in the following categories:

  • fines for administrative offenses — +107 thousand;
  • fines for traffic violations — +100,000;
  • debt for "communal company" — + 52 thousand

What is the essence of the project?

The main advantages of the innovation: the availability of a mobile application, a quality system - weeding out low-level specialists, a system of automatic movement of funds, the ability to quickly respond to customer requests, a convenient system of cooperation with other companies. Every user will view analytics + every n-th will order a troubleshooting service.

Anti-corruption effect. The anti-corruption effect consists in minimizing the bureaucratic processes that arise when a person wants to learn about his violations and debts and eliminate them. It also consists in the transparency and availability of information that is in various open and closed electronic databases, and obtaining which in some cases is quite difficult; the possibility of receiving such information contactless. No less important is a transparent rating of lawyers/advocates who can potentially solve the problem of clients.
The presence of such an application allows you to quickly and efficiently receive only up-to-date data about your personality without the human factor.

What benefit does your project bring to society?

Since many people do not know about their debts, proceedings, lawsuits - the introduction of "DATA-SCANNER" will make it possible to inform and inform the public about their existence, and in the future, using the Consultant application, clients will be able to use the help of a lawyer to solve such problems. That is, our project covers several needs of the population at once - informing about the problem and its solution.

Expect an update of the CONSULTANT mobile application - https://consultant.net.ua/

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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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