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Modern man daily faces various difficulties that arise in everyday life. Of course, a person can not know by heart the entire legal framework and therefore solving the problem takes a lot of time and effort and does not always come to the right decision. Therefore, the mobile application “Consultant” comes to the rescue

After analyzing this mobile application, we can say that today, I ask a wide range of different questions. The most common categories are:

  • Questions about liability for committing administrative offenses;
  • Questions that arise from family relationships;
  • Questions about real estate, etc.

Consider one of them, namely, the question that belongs to the category arising from family relationships.

The client of the mobile application “Consultant” asked a question – “I have three children. I want to file for divorce. What are the chances of getting something after a divorce, if the apartment and the car, which were purchased during the marriage, are issued to the husband? ”

The answer to this question was given by 4 specialists, whose qualifications are confirmed by a diploma of higher legal education and work experience in this field.

Consultant №1 answered the following question: “According to Part 1, Art. 60 of the IC of Ukraine determines that the property acquired by the spouses during the marriage belongs to the wife and husband on the right of joint joint ownership, regardless of the fact that one of them did not have for a good reason (education, housekeeping, child care, illness, etc.) self-employment (income). Also, you can divorce by mutual consent with your husband, independently agreeing on the division of property. If you need legal assistance with your question, you can call me. ”

The №2 consultant replied: “All property acquired in marriage is divided between the spouses in half. However, it is worth an individual consultation, as there are a number of factors that affect the distribution of property (for example, if the property is donated, even in marriage, it is not subject to division in divorce).

Consultant №3 gave the following answer: “According to the provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine, in this case the divorce will take place in court. According to Art. 60 of the Civil Code, property acquired by the spouses during the marriage belongs to the wife and husband on the right of joint joint ownership, regardless of the fact that one of them did not have a valid reason (education, housekeeping, child care, illness, etc.) self-employment. Therefore, the car and the apartment will be jointly owned regardless of the fact of registration. The IC also states that in the case of division of property that is the object of the right of joint joint ownership of the spouses, the shares of the property of the wife and husband are equal, unless otherwise agreed between them. In addition, according to a court decision, the share of the wife’s or husband’s property may be increased if the children live with him / her,

Consultant №4: “Everything should be divided equally. Alternatively, he will reimburse you part of the money or you will keep your apartment and reimburse part of the money. Children are more likely to stay with you, the husband will pay alimony and half the money for other expenses for the children. This issue is resolved in court. The trial will take about 2 weeks. If you need a more detailed consultation, call. ”

   Thus, after analyzing the answers to this question, we can conclude that the consultants provide full and qualified assistance in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. 

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