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«Description of problems»

 Everyone is well aware of situations where loans were made to outsiders without their consent and knowledge. Now in Ukraine, in order to take out a loan to an outsider you only need to have access to his personal information. There are enough options for fraud in this area, from the cloning of sim-Card future victims to the purposeful abduction of passports.

 Situations when citizens of Ukraine learn that a loan has been taken in their name is not uncommon today. Such situations do not only happen when the attackers manage to seize the victim’s personal documents (passport, TIN), fraudulent loans were obtained even with copies, or even without them (Internet loans from MFIs).

 If the legal owner of the documents has a credit history in perfect condition, the scammer can quickly and without risk apply for an online loan for someone else’s passport and get a large amount of money.

 Today, people who want to make money at the expense of other people know all about how to take a loan from another person on the Internet and not fall into the hands of law enforcement agencies. As a rule, after committing financial fraud, the offender is deprived of documents, which makes it impossible to catch him at the crime scene.

 However, be careful, scammers can seize your personal information not only by getting your documents in their hands. There are many resources on the Internet that require the input of personal data, resulting in sensitive information with a sufficiently high percentage of likelihood to fall into the hands of intruders. Having seized personal information of the person, the attackers will act at their own discretion, disposing of such information and it is far from the fact that the fraudsters will be limited only to the execution of fictitious credit agreements.

 “Mechanism for solving the problem”

 “So what to do if you find out that you have been taken out by a fraudster?”

 First, you need to write a statement that a criminal offense has been committed against you under Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is worth noting that if you are threatened by representatives of a credit institution (and they usually do), you should also write a statement to the police on this fact, on the basis of Art. 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Employees of a credit institution have no right to demand a refund, much less persistently or with threats.

 Secondly, to apply to the court in order to declare the Credit Agreement void. However, if there were threats from the credit institution, it is possible to seek judicial redress for the moral harm you caused.

≪ Conclusion ≫

 It should be noted that in no case should you pay back your debts, but in the case of threats from collectors, contact the police, as described above.

 In any case, if you have problems with banks or MFIs, through the Credit Agreement, that you did not issue and accordingly did not take funds – you should seek the advice or legal support of a specialist in this field.

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