Court with a monobank – Monobank having submitted a request to the court – what to do, how to win the court?

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Court with a monobank – Monobank having submitted a request to the court – what to do, how to win the court?

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Monobank is one of the leaders in the digital banking market in Ukraine and has an audience of millions of clients. Most of them, thanks to the proposals for quick lending from Monobank, took out loans for the purchase of household appliances, cars, furniture, etc.

Zobov'yazaniya fighters in front of Monobank

Having entered into a loan agreement, such clients automatically become debtors to the bank, and therefore take on the obligation to repay part of the loan and pay the bills. In case of late payments, financial sanctions are imposed on Monobank.

The ship's call and their increase

If the debtor does not service the loan for a long time, the bank can file requests before the court using the method of Primus tightening of debt on the basis of a judicial decision.

At the same time, the number of such court reports has grown in connection with the deteriorating economic situation in the region and the falling income of the population. Few communities have spent the financial capacity to service loans previously taken for emergency needs.

In addition, court calls may result in the most controversial situations in the delivery of other banking services to Monobank, such as illegal write-offs of funds, failure to change the minds of agreements, etc.

Why bother, since you refused to go to Monobank?

  1. Stay calm. Don't panic. Calling back does not mean that you will automatically play from the right.
  2. It’s important to listen to the call. Regain respect for all the benefits that Monobank presents, as well as for the evidence that they provide.
  3. Contact qualified legal assistance. A lawyer will help you correctly assess the situation, develop a defense strategy and represent your interests in court.
  4. Don't ignore the calls. If you do not submit a valid application, the court may grant Monobank’s damages without your participation.

It is important to get started with this work - even though no more than 15 days have been allocated for preparation of the survey after you have become familiar with the application materials.

Get ready for the court hearing. Collect all the necessary evidence, write a response to the summons, and be prepared to clearly and convincingly present your position in court.

How to win court with Monobank?

  1. Keep the position clear and lined. You must clearly understand what you will rely on, and provide conclusive evidence.
  2. Follow the procedural rules. Don’t miss court meetings, submit all necessary documents promptly.
  3. Be prepared before negotiations. In some situations, you can reach the world with Monobank, which can save you time and money.
  4. Protect your rights. Don't let Monobank mislead you or put pressure on you.

Legal assistance - a guarantee of success from the authorities

Sometimes there are problems with repaying a loan to Monobank, if there is a threat of a court call, you can’t call - you need to urgently apply for professional legal assistance.

Contact the company "Prikhodko and Partners" - a leading legal firm that also specializes in representing the interests of individuals in disputes with banks. The company's lawyers have great knowledge of the conduct of such court documents, and can provide qualified legal assistance at all stages: preparation of invoices, representation in court, negotiations with the bank for amicable settlement, etc.

Thanks to the professionalism and comprehensive approach of the lawyers of “Prikhodko and Partners”, you can ensure a positive result in protecting your interests.

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