Contract with the surrogate motherhood clinic. What to pay attention to?

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Contract with the surrogate motherhood clinic. What to pay attention to?

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The contract between the surrogate mother and the parents in Ukraine is an important legal document that must be concluded in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

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Here are some nuances and aspects that should be paid attention to when concluding such an agreement:


Let’s start with the main aspect – compliance with the legislation of Ukraine. Failure to take into account all the requirements established by law can be a mistake. Ukrainian legislation contains certain restrictions on surrogacy, including requirements for the age of the surrogate mother and restrictions on the citizenship of the parents.

Therefore, the contract must meet these requirements.

Legal advice:

Failure to obtain legal advice is a serious mistake. A professional lawyer with experience in the field of surrogacy will help to avoid misunderstandings, and legal mistakes and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Conditions of the contract:

The contract should be as detailed as possible. A mistake may be an insufficiently detailed description of the responsibilities of the parties, in particular, regarding medical examination, nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, and the future fate of the child.

It is necessary to clearly define which procedures should be performed and how they will be financed.


An incomplete description of the financial compensation for the surrogate mother can be a mistake. The contract should include expenses related to pregnancy, as well as assistance with postpartum care. It is also important to determine how financial transactions will be conducted and their control.

Rights and responsibilities of parents:

Neglecting this aspect can lead to misunderstandings between the parents and the surrogate mother. The contract should clearly define the rights and responsibilities of the parents, including responsibility for the child and its welfare.

Information about the child:

Failure to define the rules regarding the surrogate mother’s access to the child can lead to conflicts after the birth. It is important to resolve this issue and include it in the contract.

Legal registration:

Deficiencies in the process of legal registration can lead to illegal situations. The contract must include conditions for registering paternity and recognizing them as legal parents.


If confidentiality is not established, personal data and information about the agreement may be leaked to the public. The contract must include a confidentiality clause.


Failure to specify the terms of the contract and violation of terms may lead to misunderstandings. The contract should include the definition of terms and procedures for resolving conflicts.

Tax and financial aspects:

Underestimation of tax and financial obligations can lead to unpleasant surprises. Carefully consider these issues and determine how they will be regulated in the contract.

All these nuances and mistakes can affect the legal status of the surrogate mother and parents, as well as the fate of the child. Therefore, it is best practice to consult a lawyer or attorney to ensure that the surrogacy agreement meets all legal requirements and takes into account the interests of all parties, including the surrogate mother, the parents, and the child.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that surrogate motherhood is a complex process, and unforeseen circumstances may arise in it. The contract should also include provisions for managing such situations, including the possibility of changing the terms of the contract with the consent of all parties.

It should always be remembered that surrogacy is a morally and ethically complex issue, and all parties must act responsibly and with respect for each other’s rights and interests.

It is important that the contract reflects these principles and ensures the protection of the rights and well-being of the child, parents, and surrogate mother. In this context, professional legal advice becomes extremely important to ensure clarity, legality, and justice in this complex situation.

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