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The 21st century is called the “digital age”. And this is not surprising, because the advent of the Internet has changed people’s perceptions of already known and commonplace things, giving them a new path of development and unlimited opportunities.

 The Consultant project is a practical professional help, which you can turn to at any time convenient for you. You will receive a quick provision of the necessary information. During the development of our application, special attention was paid to all the algorithms of the client’s interaction with our lawyer or other specialist, thanks to which you get the necessary information extremely quickly. Also, with further cooperation you will get a guaranteed result with minimal cost and time. The above, although seemingly simple theses, are extremely important because they ensure full compliance with the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the current legislation of Ukraine from violation by others. And if your rights have already been violated, this approach will provide the fastest way to restore them and compensate for the damage.

 An interesting solution that we have introduced is to periodically receive notifications on your phone, which will allow you to remember our service, use it, solve existing problems and issues, as well as increase your awareness of the legal aspects of household issues by browsing the most frequently asked questions.

 The main sections of the Consultant can be seen online in the free application, which you need to download simply from Google Play or the App Store. If you have an application on your smartphone, you can be sure that your rights are protected, as you will have not one, but a whole group of personal lawyers and attorneys. And if you have any questions, our experts will tell you in detail about the features of using the service. You can also get acquainted with our project by following the link

 Our lawyers and other specialists have extensive experience in various fields of law (civil, criminal, commercial, land, labor, housing, family, administrative, etc.) and will be able to help you with a wide range of issues, including in these categories, which is an invaluable advantage of an online lawyer provided by the Consultant service. All you need to do is mark the best answer so that the work done is evaluated at the proper level.

  Among other benefits you also get:

  • lack of queues and unnecessary contact with people, in particular during a pandemic;
  • there is no need to go to a meeting with a lawyer, wasting your time;
  • you can get advice from anywhere on the planet where there is internet. This is very useful if you are outside Ukraine, but need a quick solution.

 If you have additional questions – please contact us, we will be happy to help you. Also subscribe to our pages on social networks and follow the news and new opportunities of our project «Consultant».

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