Complaint on the inaction of a military unit

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Complaint on the inaction of a military unit

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Complaint on the inaction of a military unit in Ukraine: legal aspects and procedures

In modern conditions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of military units in Ukraine is of particular importance. However, situations may sometimes arise where military units do not act properly, which violates the law and may endanger national security. In such cases, citizens have the right to file a complaint against the military unit’s inaction. In this article, we will consider the legal aspects of this issue and the procedure for filing a complaint.

Legal aspects of a complaint about inactivity of a military unit

According to the legislation of Ukraine, citizens have the right to protect their rights and interests in the field of defense and security. If a citizen believes that a military unit is not performing its duties properly, it can file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

First, you should contact the internal security service of the military unit and submit a written complaint. This stage is important for the internal resolution of the conflict and can contribute to the resolution of the issue without recourse to higher authorities.

If the internal settlement mechanism did not bring the desired results, the citizen can file a complaint with the military prosecutor. The military prosecutor has the right to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate measures to correct the situation.


Also, in parallel with filing a complaint to the prosecutor, there is an opportunity to file complaints about inactivity and possible abuse of authority by officials to the Military Law and Order Service – VSP. This is the competent body in considering cases of possible illegal actions and inaction by the leadership of military units. Usually, such illegal actions due to inactivity include failure to review the report of the military, delays in referral to the Military Medical Commission, dismissal of military personnel, non-payment of combat wages, etc.

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Complaint on the inaction of a military unit - team informationComplaint submission procedure

  • Preparation of a written complaint: a citizen must make a written complaint in which he describes in detail the situation that has arisen and cites arguments confirming the inaction of the military unit.
  • Complaint to the Internal Security Service: the complaint should be submitted to the Internal Security Service of the military unit. It is important to specify all the necessary data and attach documents confirming the essence of the problem.
  • Response of the internal security service: after receiving a complaint, the internal security service is obliged to conduct an investigation and take appropriate measures. The citizen must receive a notification about the results of the complaint consideration.
  • Appeal to the military prosecutor: in case of unsatisfactory results, a citizen can appeal to the military prosecutor with a written complaint. It is important to re-attach all necessary documents and notices from internal security.
  • Review by Military Prosecutor: the Military Prosecutor will conduct his own investigation and determine the steps necessary to remedy the situation. The citizen will receive a notification about the results of consideration of his complaint.


The right of citizens to file a complaint against the inactivity of a military unit is an important mechanism for ensuring a high level of efficiency and compliance with laws in military structures. It is important to consider that with the help of a military lawyer it is possible to make a well-founded, effective and legally competent complaint.

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