Compensation for non-professional care

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Compensation for non-professional care

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Certain compensations and payments are provided by the state for the provision of permanent care on a non-professional basis.

However, not every citizen knows, how to issue these payments and what needs to be done for this. And that, in turn, makes consideration of this topic relevant today.

In this article, we will talk about the features of compensation for non-professional care, taking into account the provisions of Ukrainian legislation.

Who can expect to receive compensation?

Citizens, who provide care without conducting entrepreneurial activities on a non-professional basis, without the latter receiving special training and knowledge on compliance with the standards of social services, have the right to receive monthly compensation for providing such services.

To whom compensation is not provided by law?

  • citizens, that provide social services to caregivers directly at their homes, as well as palliative (help to relieve symptoms and reduce suffering from an incurable disease) and inpatient care (which is provided in health care facilities and medical institutions);
  • citizens, who provide social services and receive assistance for care within the framework of ZU from 22.02.2000  № 1489-III;
  • citizens, providing care on a professional basis, but at the same time, they do not conduct business activities.

What list of documents is required for compensation?

  • Statement, which can be written down, and submitted electronically, that the person wishes to be a care provider on a non-professional basis;
  • Documents, proving identity-passport of a citizen of Ukraine, and RNOCPP;
  • certificate, from which the income of the applicant can be seen for the last6months or1year;
  • act of inspection of MSEK (must be submitted only for individuals, who have a disability);
  • the conclusion of the LCC of the medical institution, which confirms the need for care for the elderly (the presence of cognitive disorders in them);
  • the conclusion of the LCC of the medical institution, which confirms the need for care for individuals, who are terminally ill and cannot independently meet their household needs, and also move without help;
  • a document about the child's serious illness, the list of which is defined in the resolution of the CMU dated 27 December 2018 year №1161;
  • the decision of the judicial authorities to recognize a person as incompetent or in which there is a limitation of his civil legal capacity;
  • decisions of guardianship and guardianship bodies or judicial authorities on the appointment of a guardian or custodian for a citizen, who needs care on a non-professional basis.

Importantly! Compensation may be assigned to a citizen only for 12 months and it must be paid monthly.

If you want to receive compensation for unprofessional care, contact the law office "Prikhodko and Partners".

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