Compensation for damage to health in the event of a road accident

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Compensation for damage to health in the event of a road accident

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No driver while driving a vehicle is insured against the occurrence of an accident on the road.

This is due to various circumstances: the unexpected occurrence of a malfunction in the car, difficult weather conditions that lead to the impossibility of properly driving the vehicle, etc.

Usually, road accidents lead to the fact that its participants receive damage to their health. And therefore the issue of its compensation is quite relevant in practice.

In this article, we will talk about the specifics of compensation for damage to health in the event of a road accident.

Who can apply for insurance compensation for health damage caused by a road accident?

From the analysis of the Ukrainian legislative framework, it can be seen that the injured person has the right to receive reimbursement of expenses related to treatment in the event of a traffic accident.

If she has been in a coma for a long period and a close relative or family member is paying for her treatment, then they are entitled to reimbursement for those costs.

If the injured person becomes incapacitated as a result of the road accident, his legal guardian has the right to receive compensation for the damage caused to his health.

What types of health compensation can a victim of a road accident expect?

  • Compensation for damage related to treatment - this type should include justified expenses incurred by the injured party, related to the delivery, maintenance, accommodation, treatment, medical care, purchase of medicines, prosthetics, and rehabilitation of the person in a medical institution;
  • Compensation for damage associated with temporary loss of working capacity - this type should include the physical or psychological inability of a person to perform his work duties as a result of a minor injury and an experienced event. The injured person is compensated in full for the income not received by him for the entire time of his stay in a medical healthcare institution;
  • Compensation for damage associated with permanent disability - this type should include receiving a certain group of disabilities by the injured person. Yes, if a person receives 1 group of disability, he will be compensated for 36 min. wages, 2nd group - 18, 3rd group - 12. In case of recognition of a minor (minor) person as a child with a disability - 18 min. salaries;
  • Compensation for damage related to the death of the injured person - if within 1 year a citizen who was recognized as an injured party in the event of a traffic accident dies as a result of receiving physical damage to his health, then in this case, his close relatives and family members have the right to compensation for the damage caused. Expenses for the burial of the victim are also reimbursed.
  • Compensation for moral damage - the essence of this type is the onset of mental suffering, which the victim suffered as a result of receiving mutilation and other physical injuries in the event of a road accident.

Pay attention! For each type of compensation, it is important to provide appropriate evidence that confirms the person's right to receive payments from insurance companies.

Questions remain regarding regretting damage to health in the event of an accident.

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