Commissioning according to the state of health

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Commissioning according to the state of health

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Unfortunately, not everyone has excellent health and goes to defend the Motherland completely healthy. A large number of conscripts join the army with certain problems in their physical condition, the presence of chronic diseases, injuries, developmental disabilities and other medical aspects that worsen further during the service. Injuries, mutilations, wounds, all this affects well-being and the body as a whole. And then the question arises as to how to continue serving.

Injuries among military personnel can occur for various reasons and be of various nature. These can be both combat injuries resulting from combat and can include injuries from bullets, fragments of explosive devices, equipment and other, non-surgical injuries, they can include acquired injuries such as bruises, concussions, lacerations, fractures bones, etc., which can occur due to accidents, falls, strain and other circumstances.

Psychological trauma: military conflicts can lead to psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety disorders and other mental problems and trauma due.

Training and physical training: military personnel undergo intense physical training, which can lead to injuries such as ligament tears, fractures and other sports injuries.

However, unfortunately, commissioning from the army due to health is not an easy task. And even more commissions during martial law, since the criteria are stricter than in peacetime.


Diseases with which a serviceman can be declared unfit are contained in the Order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “On approval of the Regulation on military medical examination in the Armed Forces of Ukraine” dated 14.08.2008 № 402.

Reasons for discharge from the army due to health may be injuries, deterioration of physical health to such an extent that it does not allow further service.

Commissioning according to the state of health - gry 4843

Commissioning according to the state of health - information deskIs commision possible after an injury?

Dismissal due to health is possible only on the basis of the MMC Opinion, that is, it is the only commission that issues a document – a conclusion (resolution) that is attached to the report and is a document that confirms unfitness for military service with exclusion from military registration or unfitness for military service service with a review after 6-12 months.

Therefore, the Military Medical Commission – determines the degree and consequences of a serviceman’s injury, as well as the possibility of continuing his service or dismissal. This procedure is important for determining the further actions of the serviceman, as well as for providing him with appropriate medical, legal and social benefits.

In order to get medical clearance, you need to write a discharge report and add a conclusion (resolution) of the military medical commission on unfitness for military service with exclusion from military registration or on unfitness for military service with a review after 6-12 months.


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