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Combine two apartments into one in Kyiv and Kyiv region

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One of the most effective methods that will turn an ordinary apartment in a high-rise building into a spacious and open house is the union of separate, autonomous apartments. Quite often, this method of increasing the area of ​​an apartment is used to create unique living spaces, in particular, two-level housing. In this case, we are talking about the unification of apartments placed one above the other. A similar scale of redevelopment is characterized as reconstruction. In this article, our experts, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell you how to combine two apartments into one in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

How is the technical unification of two real estate objects into one

Combining two real estate objects is one type of redevelopment. Within its limits, not only construction work is being carried out, but also the overall internal configuration of the apartments is changing. They get a common mailing address. At the same time, the owner not only receives a new technical passport for housing, but also puts it into operation as a new real estate object.

Before combining two apartments into one, you will need a plan of the entire house. This is due to the fact that sometimes the unification of apartments is impossible due to structural features.

If we talk about the technical features of the union, they involve union through a separate hole in the wall. In some cases, the wall can be disassembled completely. The most common option is the unification of apartments located on the same site.

Combining apartments: are there any prohibitions on redevelopment?

In the process of combining two real estate objects into one, it is forbidden to dismantle and move ventilation ducts. Violation of any common household communications is also prohibited.

During merging, you cannot:

  1. Demolish load-bearing walls and beams, cut or move load-bearing columns.
  2. Transfer openings in load-bearing walls. For this, a project and appropriate permits must be available.
  3. Swap living rooms and kitchen.

These are far from all restrictions. At a preliminary consultation, our lawyers will provide you with a complete list of restrictions that apply to combining two apartments into one.

Documents required for uniting apartments

As it was mentioned above, before the merger, it is necessary to conduct an examination regarding the technical feasibility of this process. The next stage is the development of a project to combine apartments. This project specifies:

  1. Load calculations.
  2. Availability of permission from the certified author of the project.

After that, technical and copyright supervision of real estate objects is carried out. To combine apartments, you will also need:

  • Submitting a notice of commencement of construction works.
  • Obtaining a permit for reconstruction (confirmed by a registered number).
  • Issuance of a new technical passport for individual apartments.
  • Submission of the Declaration on commissioning of a new real estate object.

The last stage is the registration of ownership and obtaining an Extract from the State Register.

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Assistance of real estate lawyers in Kyiv and Kyiv region

It is quite difficult to independently prepare documents for merging two apartments into one. That is why it is better to use the help of our specialists. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help to prepare a package of documents as quickly as possible for the implementation of the plan to merge two apartments into one. We will help you to significantly save time and nerves associated with a long bureaucratic fabric.

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