Collection of alimony abroad

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Collection of alimony abroad

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Alimony, or support for children and parents is an important part of legal systems in many countries.

However, what do when the debtor, who has to pay alimony, is abroad?

Penalty alimony, in this case, can be a challenge, but there exist international mechanisms and legal norms that help to provide justice and protect the rights of children and other receiver’s alimony.

In this, we will consider the article’s procedures and legal aspects of enforcement of alimony abroad.

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Definition of alimony and its importance

Alimony is financial support that one parent must provide to the child (children) after divorce. It is worth noting that the legislation does not prohibit applying to the court with a demand for recovery alimony even when spouses are married.

In addition, alimony you can charge not only for the benefit of children but for the benefit of the other spouse or parents in the provided legislation cases.

International agreements and conventions

Process penalty alimony from abroad is regulated by a number of international agreements and conventions. The Hague is an important collection convention for alimony from abroad, which regulates the recognition and enforcement of court decisions from one state on the territory of another.

That is, if a court in Ukraine made a decision regarding the payment of alimony, this decision can be recognized and enforced in another state party to the convention where the debtor lives.

is worth noting that Many countries (especially Ukraine) conclude international bilateral agreements regulating the collection of alimony between countries.

These procedural mechanisms simplify the procedures for collecting alimony between participating countries and recognition of court decisions of such countries.

Process penalty alimony abroad

There are two ways to collect alimony from one of the parents who lives and/or works abroad:

  1. From the return to the relevant competent authority of the country where the debtor resides. In this appeal, a petition is submitted regarding the recognition and granting of permission to implement the decision on the collection of alimony adopted in Ukraine.
  2. Direct application to the competent authority of the foreign country where the debtor resides, with a statement to make a decision regarding alimony.

Main problems and their solutions

During the collection of alimony abroad, various problems may arise, such as delays in the procedure, a change in the location of the father, or a disagreement regarding the amount of alimony. It is usually important to have legal support to resolve such issues.

Other nuances

It is important to note that alimony received by citizens of other states in Ukraine is not subject to taxation.

However, the legislation of each country is unique and may have its own legislative features and norms, so we advise you to consult with a specialized lawyer in advance to achieve a positive result in such a case.


Collecting alimony in another country is an important and complex legal procedure that affects many families around the world. International agreements and legal mechanisms facilitate this process and help ensure that children are supported, regardless of where their parents live.

It is important that this process is fair and takes into account the rights and interests of all parties, thus providing children with the best conditions for their development and well-being.

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