Closure of criminal proceedings against the suspect

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Closure of criminal proceedings against the suspect

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Criminal proceedings are a serious legal process that can significantly affect the life of a suspect. However, there is a possibility of closing criminal proceedings, which may arise for various reasons and is based on certain legal norms. In this article, we will consider the procedures and important aspects of closing criminal proceedings against a suspect.


The main stages of closing criminal proceedings

  • Preparatory stage. Usually, the closing of criminal proceedings begins with the preparatory stage, where all available information and evidence are studied. Lawyers and human rights defenders can help the suspect in this process by analyzing data and identifying possible ways to influence the decisions of law enforcement agencies.
  • Alternative solutions. It is important to consider alternative options for resolving the conflict or case. Mediation, an agreement between the parties, compensation for the injured are just a few of the possible ways that can influence the decision of the law enforcement officers to close the proceedings

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  • Legal support. An important aspect is the presence of an experienced lawyer who will defend the interests of the suspect. The lawyer has the right to access all case materials and can use legal arguments to convince the law enforcement officers of the validity of closing the case.
  • Expert evaluation. In some cases, an expert assessment of the evidence or the situation may be required. For example, in criminal proceedings related to technical aspects or scientific conclusions, expert opinions can significantly influence the decision to close the case. The lawyer can initiate the involvement of specialists for the analysis of evidence and the preparation of expert opinions, which will contribute to the justification of the closing of the proceedings.


  • Legal grounds for closure. There are several legal grounds on the basis of which criminal proceedings can be closed. It may be lack of evidence, alternative solutions, inadmissibility of further prosecution or change of circumstances. The lawyer must carefully analyze the legal aspects and convincingly prove the absence of grounds for continuing the proceedings.
  • Ensuring the rights of the suspect. In the process of closing criminal proceedings, special attention should be paid to ensuring the rights of the suspect. This includes the right to information, the right to a lawyer, and the right to be heard in an appropriate manner. Protecting the suspect’s rights can play a key role in deciding whether to close the case.
  • Judicial control. In cases where law enforcement agencies refuse to close the case, even if there are valid reasons, judicial control is possible. The court can review the case materials and determine whether the suspect’s rights were violated or whether the refusal to close the proceedings is justified.


The procedure for closing criminal proceedings can take place in different ways. Information about this process may be available in specialized legal resources or in the country’s legislation. It is important that the lawyer has the necessary knowledge of procedures and legal requirements.

Final recommendations

Closing a criminal case is a complex process that requires not only legal knowledge, but also experience of interaction with law enforcement agencies.

It is important to have a high-quality lawyer who can effectively represent the interests of the suspect and use every opportunity to achieve a legal closure of the case.
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