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Citizenship. The basics of acquiring

Citizenship of Ukraine is a stable, unlimited legal connection of an individual with the Ukrainian state, based on the legal recognition of this person’s state by a citizen of Ukraine, as a result of which the person and the state acquire mutual rights and obligations in the amount provided for by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

Signs of citizenship as a certain connection of a person with the state are:

1) legal nature;

2) unlimited space and time;

3) the maximum nature of mutual rights and responsibilities.

Grounds for acquiring citizenship of Ukraine:

  1. by birth;
  2. as a result of adoption;
  3. due to renewal in citizenship;
  4. as a result of the establishment of a person who is recognized as incapacitated by the court, a guardianship;
  5. by territorial origin;
  6. as a result of the adoption of citizenship;
  7. due to the establishment of a child’s guardianship or guardianship;
  8. due to the establishment of paternity;
  9. on the basis of the citizenship of Ukraine of one or both parents of the child;
  10. on other grounds provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

Powers of bodies and organizations involved in solving citizenship issues. In resolving citizenship issues, the following bodies and organizations are involved:

  1. The President of Ukraine: adopts a decision and issues decrees in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine”; determines the procedure for the handling of applications and applications for citizenship and the implementation of decisions; Approves the Regulations on the Commission under the President of Ukraine on Citizenship.
  2. Commission on Citizenship under the President of Ukraine: examines applications for admission to the citizenship of Ukraine, withdrawal of citizenship of Ukraine and submission of the loss of citizenship of Ukraine and makes proposals to the President of Ukraine regarding the satisfaction of these applications and applications; return documents on admittance to the citizenship of Ukraine or withdrawal from the citizenship of Ukraine to the authorized central executive body on issues of citizenship or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for their registration in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine; controls the implementation of decisions adopted by the President of Ukraine on issues of citizenship.
  3. Bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: keep records of persons who have acquired citizenship and terminated the citizenship of Ukraine; decide on the registration of the acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine and issue relevant documents; accept applications for citizenship, check them and send them to the Commission; prepare a statement on the loss of citizenship of Ukraine; fulfill the decisions of the President of Ukraine on issues of citizenship; seize persons whose citizenship is suspended, relevant documents.

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