Citizenship of the European Union

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Citizenship of the European Union

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Today, many people seek to obtain citizenship of the European Union. If you are also thinking about this issue, you can seek legal support from the experts who work at the Prikhodko&Partners law office. And we will qualitatively help you in such a request, since migration law belongs to the focus of our team's practice. But, before talking about the advantages of our services in this direction, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic information on the mentioned topic.


What EU citizenship entails?

When it comes to EU citizenship, it means citizenship of one of the states belonging to this Union. This means that, for example, any citizen of Poland, France or Germany is automatically a citizen of the entire EU. The EU Treaty regulates the rights and responsibilities of citizens. It is especially worth paying attention to 4 special rights that exist for EU citizens. So, they include:

  • Free movement and the opportunity to live in any of the countries of the Union. So, for example, if a person has Polish citizenship, he can live in Germany or Hungary for a long time without additional permits. Any EU country can be used as an example.
  • The opportunity not only to vote, but also to be elected - both in local elections and in elections to the European Parliament.
  • Being under the consular and diplomatic protection of any of the EU countries, if the person is in a third country and there is no consular institution of his state there.
  • The possibility to file a complaint with the European Ombudsman if one's own rights are violated.

These are the advantages of having European citizenship.

The relationship between EU citizenship and national citizenship

A person's possession of EU citizenship does not cancel national citizenship. It does not replace, but, on the contrary, complements the range of rights possessed by a citizen. And also - it reminds of the country's membership in the EU. By the way, this applies not only to natural persons, but also to legal entities founded by citizens of EU countries.

When it comes to direct democracy, the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 provided for the possibility of citizens to submit petitions to the European Parliament. This was provided specifically so that citizens had the opportunity to address the EU authorities in a comfortable format and be heard.


How will the services of lawyers be useful?

If you are thinking about the citizenship of one of the EU countries and, as a result, the citizenship of this Union, it is worth seeking support from lawyers who specialize in this topic and are able to help in a qualitative and professional manner. Experts of the law firm "Prikhodko&Partners" regularly advise their clients on such requests. And we also provide support for the procedure for obtaining such citizenship. We know all relevant EU legislation in this case, and we can also advise on which country to choose. After all, each EU state sets its own requirements for those who seek to acquire its citizenship.

When you have professional legal support, it gives you the opportunity to significantly simplify your path to obtaining EU citizenship. So contact the Prikhodko&Partners law firm, we will guide you in all key aspects.

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