Citizenship by investment: top 5 countries for obtaining citizenship

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Citizenship by investment: top 5 countries for obtaining citizenship

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Investment immigration is a global trend, when a solvent person who wants to develop the economy of a country he likes moves there. It is natural when an investor wants to live in a state that is attractive to him and in whose economy he invests. However, the current situation in Ukraine, associated with a full-scale war and constant risks, prompts many people to look for a peaceful place to live permanently. Therefore, questions about where one can immigrate after receiving a permanent residence permit, and later - possibly citizenship, become relevant.

The basis in the form of investments looks quite attractive in this context. Moreover, given the trend of investment immigration, many countries are developing profitable investment programs. In some countries, you can get citizenship by investment right away, without having to wait for some time to legally reside in the country. That is, the permit stage can be bypassed. Let's consider in more detail where such an opportunity exists.


  • Investments in Grenada

In order to obtain citizenship of Grenada, it is necessary to invest in the economy of this state an amount of 150 thousand dollars or more, or to purchase real estate in the amount of 220 thousand or more. At the same time, it must be housing purchased under specially selected programs offered by this state. It should be noted that Grenada is an island country in the Caribbean. Beautiful nature and a favorable climate make it attractive not only for investment, but also for living. So it's only natural that investors seek to combine these two goals.

  • Saint Lucia

This is another Caribbean island country that is becoming popular in the context of investment and residence. In order to obtain citizenship of this country, it is necessary to invest in its economy from 100 thousand dollars. If it is about the fact that together with the investor, the second spouse and up to 2 children under the age of 21 will receive citizenship, then in this case the investment amount must be from 150 thousand dollars.

  • Vanuatu

It is an island state that belongs to the continent of Oceania. It is becoming more and more attractive in the context of investment programs. One of the most popular such programs is investing in the CNO fund. It is focused on the development of coconut oil. Since this country is an agrarian country, the focus of the investment program is quite understandable.

Therefore, investments in the amount of 138 thousand dollars give a family of up to 4 people the opportunity to become citizens of Vanuatu. In addition, after 5 years, investors should receive a cashback from their investment of no less than 50% of the amount.

  • Turkey

Turkey is "more expensive" in the context of the minimum investment amount. There you need to invest in real estate or deposit programs from $400,000. At the same time, this country is popular due to its favorable climate, developed tourism industry and friendly mentality open to different cultures.


  • Malta

Investors who invest in the Maltese economy (from 600 thousand dollars) or in real estate (from 700 thousand dollars) also have grounds to become citizens of this state. Despite the fact that this island state is quite small in size, it is called an attractive place to live.

If you need help with choosing a country and an investment program, the lawyers of the Prikhodko & Partners law firm provide such services. We are regularly contacted by clients whom we help in such matters.

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