Certificate confirming the child’s citizenship in Poland

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Certificate confirming the child’s citizenship in Poland

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If you live with a child in Poland and he needs to issue a foreign passport (up to 12 years old) or an internal passport in the form of an ID card (from 14 years old), you must first issue a special certificate that confirms Ukrainian citizenship. Documents are submitted at the relevant consular office.

Certificate confirming the child's citizenship in Poland - fast timeHow long does it take for a certificate to be made?

An official legal term of 3 months is provided for the production of the certificate. However, professional legal support from specialists who specialize in migration law can significantly speed up this procedure. Such lawyers work in the team of our law office.

“Prikhodko&Partners” – is a team of experts who know their work well, have established algorithms for actions in common client requests and can ensure that you receive a certificate confirming the child’s citizenship in Poland within 3 weeks.

Certificate confirming the child's citizenship in Poland - agreement02 1What you need to know about the child’s consent in such cases?

Up to the age of 14, the citizenship of a child can be determined by the will of the parents if there are appropriate legal grounds. However, from the age of 14, the consent of the child is required to become a citizen of Ukraine.

Certificate confirming the child's citizenship in Poland - information appIn what cases is such a certificate necessary?

Therefore, the issuance of a certificate confirming the child’s citizenship of Ukraine is required in such cases when:

  • the child was born abroad, and the legislation of the country of his birth entitles him to apply for citizenship there;
  • the child has one or two foreign parents, so he can apply for citizenship of another country by origin.

In such controversial situations, when the child has several options for choosing citizenship, confirmation is required that the parents and/or she herself (after reaching the appropriate age) has expressed her will regarding the fact that it should be the citizenship of Ukraine.


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Certificate confirming the child's citizenship in Poland - group protectionWhy should you contact us?

Despite the fact that Ukrainian legislation on migration issues appears to be quite clear, there are a number of complex issues that people face in practice in specific situations. Therefore, the logical and natural solution is to turn to lawyers who help to understand the current topic without looking for data in open sources, where objective analytics are often mixed with distorted information.

If we talk about the services that our team provides in the context of migration law, they can be divided into 2 large categories:

  • consultations;
  • legal support.

Consulting help will be relevant if you have a request to understand the legal norms that are relevant specifically in your situation. As for support, we are talking about interaction with the relevant authorized state bodies. As already mentioned, we are able to significantly speed up such interaction, because we have enough levers of legal influence, with the help of which the lawyer can work as efficiently as possible for the result for his client. So you don’t have to wait several long months for such a simple procedure, when everything can be done in just a few weeks.

Get in touch – and our team will help you solve complex issues much easier than it would be if you were to act alone.

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