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Buy or sell a trademark

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In today’s business world, competition is becoming more and more intense, and companies are actively looking for ways to profitably stand out from other players on the market. One of the effective ways to emphasize uniqueness and attract the attention of consumers is to own a trademark. However, sometimes there is a need to buy or sell this valuable brand name. This article will look at key aspects of this process, helping business owners make an informed decision.



  • Instant recognition. Buying an already recognized trademark provides an opportunity to gain instant popularity and recognition among consumers.
  • A success story. Acquiring a successful trademark can transfer the history and credibility associated with the brand to the new owner.
  • Optimization of marketing. Buying a trademark can save a lot of time and resources that would normally be spent on creating and maintaining a new brand.
  • Financial benefits. Selling a trademark can bring significant profits, especially if the brand already has a high rating among consumers.
  • Focusing on other aspects of the business. Business owners can focus on other areas of development by selling the trademark.
  • Resources for new projects. Proceeds from the sale can be used to expand or launch new projects.


  • Cost. Successful trademarks are often expensive, which can be a major financial challenge for a company.
  • Potential risks. When buying a trademark, it is important to consider possible legal aspects and risks associated with the history of the brand.
  • Synergy with existing business. It is not always possible to solve the issue of synergy between a new trademark and an existing business.
  • Loss of control. Selling a trademark can mean losing control over how the brand is used and developed in the future.
  • Unsuccessful transition. If the new owner is unable to replicate or improve upon the success of the previous brand, the reputation and value of future sales may be affected.
  • Legal aspects. Selling a trademark involves a complex legal process, including licenses and rights.

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Key aspects when considering options

  • Cost estimate. Regardless of whether you plan to buy or sell a trademark, it is important to conduct an objective assessment of its value. This includes assessing market potential, sales history and brand reputation.
  • Legal aspects. Carefully study all legal issues related to the trademark. This may include licensing terms, ownership rights, and any legal matters related to the mark.
  • Strategic planning. Develop a strategy and goals related to the acquisition or sale of a trademark. Determine how it fits into your overall business strategy.
  • Trust and reputation. When conducting any trade mark agreements, it is important to consider the reputation and trust of the parties. Make sure you have the proper warranties and conditions to avoid potential misunderstandings.

The importance of involving a lawyer in the procedure of buying and selling a trademark

The process of buying or selling a trademark is a complex task that requires the study of various aspects, including legal ones. The involvement of a qualified lawyer becomes a necessity to ensure the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. In this article, we will look at why it is important to include a lawyer in the process of buying and selling a trademark.

  • Protection of Rights and Licenses

The purchase of a trademark includes the transfer of ownership, as well as the possibility of using this trademark. A lawyer can help check that all necessary licenses and rights are transferred correctly and take into account all legal restrictions.

  • Verification of Legal Purity

The legal “purity” of a trademark becomes a key aspect in solving legal issues. A lawyer will examine possible lawsuits, infringements, and other potential risks that may arise from trademark ownership.

  • Conclusion of Legal Agreements

The process of buying and selling a trademark involves the conclusion of a number of legal agreements, including purchase and sale agreements, license agreements and other documents. A lawyer can ensure correct legal terms and conditions to avoid further misunderstandings.

  • Risk Assessment and Legal Diagnostics

A lawyer can help determine the risks associated with a specific trademark. He will conduct legal diagnostics, assessing all aspects of legal compliance and potential risks regarding intellectual property.

  • Settlement of Disputes

If conflicts or legal disputes arise during the process of buying and selling a trademark, a lawyer can help resolve them through negotiations, alternative dispute resolution or in court.

  • Study of Legal Limitations

A lawyer will examine whether there are any legal restrictions or prohibitions against the use of the trademark in certain business areas or regions.

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Deciding whether to buy or sell a trademark is an important strategic decision for any business. Before embarking on this process, it is important to carefully study all aspects and weigh all the pros and cons. The involvement of a lawyer in the purchase and sale of a trademark is recognized as an important strategic action for any company.

Lawyers Prykhodko and partners can ensure full protection of rights, minimize risks and help conclude profitable agreements for all parties. In a world of increasing competition and the importance of brands, this becomes a key stage to ensure the success and stability of the business.

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