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During the period of spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19, the introduction of restrictive measures, including lockdown, citizens faced a situation of inability to obtain certain services. It is no secret that legal services were at times banned from ordinary work. At the same time, there are situations when it is not just necessary to get specialist advice, but it is vital.

In particular, in such situations the application “Consultant” can come to the rescue. The application is a mobile platform where you can ask questions and get a qualified answer from a lawyer, attorney, accountant, auditor, notary, private executor, arbitration manager, patent attorney, customs broker. That is, it is an online service of legal and accounting services.

Going to the appendix, you can describe the essence of your question. After that, all lawyers registered in the system will be notified of a new issue. After each lawyer provides an answer to a specific question, you will receive a notification and you will be able to view and read in detail. The advantage of the “Consultant” application is the wide format, which involves the client receiving different opinions from many professionals. That is, you receive a comprehensive answer from many practitioners in your field.

For example, we were recently approached by a person with the question of how to divide property in a divorce. In just one day, five detailed answers to the question were provided. The quality of the service is evidenced by the fact that on the same day the best answer was chosen and the question was actually closed.

If we draw an analogy with offline consultation, the “Consultant” has a number of advantages:

  • Using “Consultant”, you do not need to spend money on transport and extra time on the road.
  • Using the “Consultant”, you get advice not from one lawyer, but from an unlimited number.
  • When using “Consultant”, you do not need to adjust to the schedule of a lawyer, which is a significant inconvenience.
  • By using “Consultant”, you save your own money, because you do not pay for time, but quality.

Another advantage of the “Consultant”, which should be mentioned separately, is the already existing database of ready-made consultations. Many life problems or issues are not new, have happened to other people. And if you take a few minutes of your time, you will be able to find answers to such questions on our website, which makes the application even more customer-oriented.

We remind you that you can find the application in both the App Store and Google Play, as it is targeted at any device. Detailed information about the “Consultant” project is freely available on our website at

Once you try, you will continue to use “Consultant”. Follow the link and get legal advice 24/7 now.

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