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Andrey-AnatolevichManaging Partner of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm Andrey Prikhodko spoke at the forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association «Advocacy. The formula for success. Business Transformation 2.0», which took place on September 9, 2021 in Kyiv.

Andrey Prikhodko speech was included in the second session of the forum, where new rules of the game in advocacy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine restrictions were discussed. The speaker systematized the experience gained in implementing online tools in the activities of his company and presented a new product on the market of legal services – legal marketplace “Consultant”.

 Google Ads instead of paper booklets, CRM system instead of notebook

Digitalization has radically changed all processes in jurisprudence:

  • customer search;
  • operating activities;
  • feedback.

Targeted advertising on social networks, advertising campaigns in Google Ads, placement of ads and expert materials on profile platforms came to the fore among the sources of customer search. Operations are now carried out by lawyers using the services of Opendatabot, YouControl and so on. Instead of traveling to the regions, lawyers use EasyCon to attend court hearings.

Today it is convenient to organize and coordinate the work of a law firm with the help of a CRM system. In particular, this is where leads come from potential customers from all channels where lidogeneration takes place. Such applications are easy to process in a systematic way. Among the components of the CRM-system – a chatbot, which informs about court hearings, meetings, important events, as well as other convenient tools.

«It is customary for us to book a taxi or book a hotel room through online applications. In the near future, 80-90% of the legal business will also go online,» – said Andrey Prikhodko.

Consultant – transparent interaction between professional lawyers and clients

For Andrey Prikhodko, the development of the online platform Consultant was the result of quarantine rethinking. After all, there was a period when for three months the employees of Prikhodko & Partners were forced to stay at home in self-isolation. This was a kind of challenge.

As a result, solutions have been found that allow you to work fully online. According to Andrey Prikhodko: “Marketplace Consultant is a convenient platform where every lawyer can find his client. The efficiency of work depends solely on the professional level. After all, the client chooses from several specialists on a competitive basis the one to whom the payment for the consultation will be transferred. “

Andrey Prikhodko stressed the importance of feedback from clients, both on the platform “Consultant” and in the work of Prikhodko & Partners. Feedback shapes and will build a reputation in the market and promotes the launch of “sarafan radio”. Currently, the “Consultant” is integrated with the AAU database. Any of the Ukrainian lawyers can respond to clients’ inquiries through this platform (inquiries are sent to the e-mail accounts of lawyers in the database).

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