An espionage lawyer is a lawyer in the case of espionage, article 114 of the Criminal Code

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An espionage lawyer is a lawyer in the case of espionage, article 114 of the Criminal Code

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Espionage is an activity that is becoming increasingly relevant and difficult to regulate in the modern world. People are influenced by various social, political and economic factors, which sometimes lead to violations in this area. In order to ensure effective protection of citizens’ rights, in Ukraine, the legislator provided for Article 114 of the Criminal Code, which deals with espionage. If you are suspected or charged under this article, it is important to consult a qualified attorney experienced in defending against such charges.


Espionage under Article 114 of the Criminal Code: essence and punishment

Article 114 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for criminal liability for espionage for the benefit of a foreign state or foreign organization. These actions may result in a fine, arrest, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for a term of up to 15 years. In such cases, the protection of the rights of the accused requires a high level of legal qualification and a thorough understanding of the essence of the case.


The role of the lawyer in the espionage case

Defense against charges under Article 114 of the Criminal Code requires competence and knowledge in the field of criminal law and international relations. A lawyer who specializes in espionage must have a thorough understanding of the process, taking into account national and international legal norms.

  • Prevention of violations of the client’s rights. The lawyer begins his work by analyzing the circumstances of the case and investigating the actions of law enforcement agencies. It is important to identify any violations of the accused’s rights during detention, search and other offenses that may become the basis for further legal protection.
  • Creating a strong defense strategy. Based on the received data, the lawyer develops a defense strategy, taking into account each stage of the case. This may include challenging evidence, questioning witnesses, and exposing deficiencies in the prosecution’s evidence base.
  • Prevention of extradition. If the accused is threatened with extradition, the lawyer takes all necessary measures to prevent this process, including appeals to international organizations and the use of mechanisms of international law.
  • Expert assessment of evidence. A qualified lawyer has the ability to objectively assess the evidence, taking into account its admissibility and credibility. Identifying inconsistencies and using experts can significantly affect the outcome of a case.



Why is it important to contact us?

The lawyers of our law firm have extensive experience in the field of criminal defense, in particular in espionage cases. We offer an individual approach to each case, providing the highest standard of legal assistance.

An espionage lawyer is a lawyer in the case of espionage, article 114 of the Criminal Code - urb 9479

  • Competence and experience. Our lawyers have extensive experience in cases related to espionage. They constantly improve their knowledge in this field, following the latest changes in legislation and practice of the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Strategic approach. We develop individual strategies for each case, taking into account the specific circumstances and needs of the client. We always aim to achieve the best possible result.
  • Communication and transparency. An important part of our work is open and transparent communication with the client. We regularly inform about the progress of the case and advise on making strategic decisions.
  • Protection of rights and freedoms. We strive for maximum protection of the client’s rights and freedoms in accordance with national and international legislation.

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