Agreement of purchase and sale of an apartment or house. Basic requirements

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Agreement of purchase and sale of an apartment or house. Basic requirements

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Very often, the majority of Ukrainians actually use their last savings to buy the desired real estate — an apartment or a house. However, at the same time, many risk being left without funds and without real estate. In particular, a contract of sale can bring a lot of trouble to the participants of the agreement. Any real estate purchase agreements must fully comply with the requirements of current Ukrainian legislation. It is important to involve professional lawyers in drawing up a sales contract. Specialists Prykhodko and Partners will help you get the desired result — to buy real estate without "pitfalls".


Peculiarities of current legislation in this matter

The first thing to do is to determine the form in which the purchase and sale agreement of the real estate object will be concluded in the future. For example, Article 657 of the Civil Code of Ukraine states the following:

the contract for the sale of an apartment or a house is concluded in writing and requires notarization (the only exception is real estate that is in a tax lien).

Types of real estate purchase and sale contracts

In the current legislation, there are 2 types of contracts related to the purchase of real estate objects:

  • Preliminary contract
  • Basic contract

Let's start with the previous sales contract. Its main purpose is to record the fact of an agreement on the sale of real estate between the owner of the real estate or another person and the buyer. In most cases, this need arises in situations where the house or apartment is still under construction. In addition, the preliminary contract may contain information about the deposit, that is, the payment of a certain part of the value of the real estate object.

Various nuances must also be taken into account for the execution of the main contract of sale. Among them are the type of documents that are proof of ownership, social status, age of the registered, etc.


The standard list of documents consists of:

  • The document is a confirmation of ownership of the real estate object.
  • Personal documents: identity card, personal identification number of co-owners of real estate.
  • Permit to sell housing. This document is prepared in cases where the ownership of the real estate is held by incapacitated persons or minors.
  • Technical passport for the real estate object.
  • The original of the power of attorney, TIN and passport — when selling housing by proxy.

All the above documents are prepared by the seller. All that is required from the buyer is a passport and personal identification number. However, if he is in an official marriage, the mandatory presence of the spouses will be required when concluding the agreement.

Assistance of professional lawyers in drawing up a sales contract

Correctly drawing up all the documents and protecting yourself from trouble when using a sales contract is quite a difficult task. It is better to entrust this matter to real professionals - Prykhodko and Partners lawyers.

We will check the purity of the agreement on the sale of real estate, the presence of all the necessary documents, the absence of restrictions on the alienation of property. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a full range of real estate services:

  • Legal analysis of the contract of sale.
  • Consultancy.
  • Preparation and verification of documents.
  • Legal support of transactions related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

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