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In the Consultant mobile application (legal and accounting advice online), an interesting question was stated, “What documents are needed for the adoption of a child?”.

 To date, this issue is rather urgent, as the issue of orphanage is one of the most pressing issues in Ukraine.

 Adoption documents for a baby

 Therefore, in accordance with paragraph 22 of CMU Resolution No. 905 of October 8, 2008, for the adoption of a child, the following documents must be submitted to the Office for Children (at the place of residence):

  • Application for registration as an adopter candidate;
  • Copy of ID card;
  • Salary statement for the last 6 months, declaration of income for the last year, certified by the DPS.

 For couples, the following is added:

  • Copy of marriage certificate;
  • A statement of the health status of each applicant;
  • Notarized consent of the second spouse to adopt the child;
  • Certificate of absence of criminal record of each of the applicants;
  • Copy of the document confirming the ownership or right to use the living space;
  • Certificate of education for orphans and children deprived of parental care.

 Thereafter, the Children’s Office, on the basis of the statement, within 10 days prepares the conclusion on the expediency of the adoption, which will indicate the relevance of the adoption to the interests of the child. This conclusion is being brought to court, since the adoption of a child in Ukraine is actually a court decision.

Who can be an adopter?

 The person who has reached the age of 21 is entitled to adopt the child, but the exception is the adoption by a relative, in which case the adopter must be at least 15 years old.

 The Family Code also sets out the procedure for resolving situations where one unrelated person wishes to adopt one child. In this case, priority will be given to adopters who:

  • Have a family and raise a child in it;
  • He is the husband of the mother, the wife of the father;
  • Adopts several children who are siblings;
  • He is a relative of the child.


 It should be noted that in Ukraine there is currently a problem with the fact that in practice it is quite difficult to adopt a child for persons who are not married. A major drawback is that the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine does not report official statistics on the number of adopted children for one period or another, and there are no official statistics from which it would be possible to find information regarding persons who adopted a child, that is, spouses, woman or man …

 The disadvantages do not make it possible to understand the general state of things in the field of orphanage, but only contribute to the development of corruption and bureaucracy. From this it turns out that at the state level, this industry is regulated rather superficially, since there are many obstacles on the way to adoption of a child, and it is extremely difficult for an independent person, as mentioned above, to obtain a child adoption permit, and for some it is not possible at all. Personally, in my opinion, the adoption process itself and the subsequent fate of the child are not properly monitored by the State at this time.

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