Administrative responsibility of military personnel

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Administrative responsibility of military personnel

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In Ukraine, military personnel bear administrative responsibility for violating established norms and rules. Legislation regulating this area aims to ensure discipline and maintain military order.

One of the main norms that determines the administrative responsibility of military personnel is the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine. According to Art. 172 of this Code, administrative responsibility may be imposed for violation of the established rules of service, failure to perform official duties, as well as for dishonest performance of duties by a military person.

An important element of administrative responsibility is the determination of the competent bodies for consideration of cases. In the case of military personnel, it can be military units, military district commands, military prosecutor's offices, etc.


Typical violations that can lead to administrative liability are failure to comply with orders of the command, unauthorized exit from the boundaries of the military unit, insubordination, failure to fulfill duties regarding the preservation of military property.

According to Art. 173 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, for violations by military personnel of the established rules of military service, such administrative penalties as arrest for a period of up to 15 days, or a fine of up to two hundred tax-free minimum incomes of citizens may be applied.

It is important to consider that administrative liability is not an alternative to criminal liability. In the case of serious offenses, it may be supplemented by the criminal liability of military personnel.

It can be concluded that the administrative responsibility of military personnel in Ukraine has a timely and effective application in order to ensure discipline and military order in the army. This is an important tool for maintaining military discipline and readiness of the country's armed forces. Ensuring the administrative responsibility of military personnel contributes to the creation of an effective and disciplined military structure that can effectively perform its duties in the interests of national security.

It is important to note that administrative responsibility must be applied fairly and reasonably, taking into account the specific nature of violations and circumstances. Ensuring the rights of servicemen in the process of considering administrative cases is an important aspect in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and to ensure compliance with the law.


In the absence of administrative accountability of military personnel, discipline and order in the military may be at risk, which may affect the effectiveness and readiness of the armed forces. Therefore, the state is obliged to provide an effective accountability mechanism that would take into account the specifics of military service and national security requirements.

In general, the administrative responsibility of military personnel in Ukraine plays a key role in maintaining discipline and order in the army, which is an important factor in ensuring national security and the effectiveness of the armed forces.

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