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One of the most common issues in the field of migration law is the issue of acquiring Ukrainian citizenship. Thus, the acquisition of

Ukrainian citizenship is carried out:

  • by birth;
  • by territorial origin;
  • by renewing citizenship;
  • children as a result of adoption;
  • a child as a result of one of the parents being a citizen;
  • incapable person due to the establishment of guardianship by a citizen;
  • a child as a result of establishing guardianship or custody;
  • as a result of acknowledging or establishing the fact of paternity or maternity;
  • by citizenship;
  • a child as a result of placement in a specialized institution.

Citizenship, like any other legal status, does not exist directly.

It must be documented. Documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine can be:

  • passport, including for travel abroad;
  • certificate of citizenship;
  • temporary identity card;
  • travel document of the child (analog of the foreign passport for the child);
  • service and diplomatic passports;
  • identity card of a seafarer, crew member, as well as a person to return to Ukraine.

The exhaustive list of documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine is given above and provided by part 1 of Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine № 5492-VI of 20.11.2012.

The above confirms the importance of having one of these documents to prove citizenship. This is due to the fact that in any relationship with the state (obtaining permits, registering a business, buying real estate or obtaining a certificate), the person is required to present a document. In addition, the availability of Ukrainian citizenship allows for the enjoyment of enhanced rights and powers compared to foreigners and stateless persons. That is why if you have grounds to acquire Ukrainian citizenship, or you want to acquire citizenship, but you probably do not know whether there are grounds, you should immediately seek qualified legal assistance. Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship is carried out by obtaining the appropriate administrative service. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that refusals to acquire Ukrainian citizenship due to minor procedural errors or errors in the preparation of documents are quite frequent. This helps to prolong the process and get the desired result. One of the most striking examples of acquiring citizenship if there are grounds is the acceptance of an inheritance, as residents are exempt from a number of taxes compared to non-residents.

Lawyers of the migration department of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm will consider all the details of your specific situation and point out possible mechanisms for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship. Trust the professionals of our company, because over the years we have positively solved an extremely large number of cases for our customers and achieved the desired result.

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