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Adoption of citizenship of Ukraine

As long as a large number of Ukrainian citizens travel abroad, thousands of foreigners and stateless persons pass circles of bureaucratic hell for admitting citizenship of Ukraine in the form of a card.

After all, after obtaining a card, that is, acquiring the citizenship of Ukraine, the foreigner acquires the full range of rights and obligations of a citizen of Ukraine.

According to Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship”

An alien or a stateless person may be accepted for citizenship of Ukraine upon their petitions.he conditions for admittance to the citizenship of Ukraine are:

1) recognition and observance of the constitution of Ukraine

2) submission of a declaration on the absence of foreign citizenship (for stateless persons) or an obligation to terminate foreign citizenship (for foreigners)

 3) permanent residence on legal grounds on the territory of Ukraine during the last five years:

4) obtaining a permit for immigration.

5) possession or understanding of the state language to the extent sufficient for communication. This condition does not apply to persons who have certain physical defects (blind, deaf, dumb);

6) the existence of legitimate sources of existence. This condition does not apply to persons who have been granted refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine.

The order of circulation

An application for admission to citizens of Ukraine shall be submitted to the president.

The application should be addressed to the management (department) of the migration service in the district, district in the city, the city of the regional, in the place of residence in Ukraine. If the applicant is residing abroad, he / she must apply to the diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine in the host country.

Procedure for reviewing the application

Applications for admission to the citizenship of Ukraine are first checked by the management of the migration service, and then transmitted to the Main Directorate of the Migration Service in Kiev for two weeks. From there, the documents fall into the State Migration Service, then – to the Commission under the President of Ukraine on issues of citizenship.

Documents submitted through diplomatic or consular offices are first transmitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then to the Commission.

If the Commission at its meeting decides on the satisfaction of the application, this decision, together with the draft Decree of the President, shall be passed to the latter for signature.

The date of the acquisition of the citizenship of Ukraine is the date of publication of the corresponding Decree of the President of Ukraine.

The deadline is no more than 1 year

Adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine is a rather complicated and lengthy process, including the preparation and collection of all necessary documents, filing and obtaining a result.

By contacting our company, the client will be able to avoid complicated and painstaking collection of necessary documents, as well as filing without any queues and receiving a positive result in the form of a decree of the President of Ukraine for you.

Therefore, if you have grounds for accepting citizenship, please contact our specialists who will advise you on this issue.

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