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On October 2, the Verkhovna Rada supported in the first reading the bill 1208-2 “On the Bureau of Financial Investigations”.
Project 1208-2 proposes to separate the service and law enforcement functions of the State Tax Service, eliminate the tax police and optimize the structure and number of bodies involved in the fight against crimes in the field of finance.
To this end, the Bureau of Financial Investigations will be established – a body of pre-trial investigation, the main task of which will be the prevention, detection, termination, investigation and disclosure of criminal offenses under its jurisdiction.

The BFI will consist of a central office and territorial offices.
Former tax police officers will be able to transfer to the BFI service based on the results of the competition.
The Bureau will investigate economic crimes as defined in Articles 24 of the Criminal Code (Articles 204, 205, 205-1, 206, 206-2, 210, 211, 212, 212-1, 218-1, 219, 220-1, 220-2). , 222, 222-1, 223-1, 223-2, 224, 229, 231, 232, 232-1, 232-2, 233 CC). If during the investigation of these criminal offenses the offenses provided for in Articles 192, 200, 216, 358, 366 of the Criminal Code are established, the pre-trial investigation will also be carried out by BFI detectives.
The BFI will carry out independent operational and investigative activities, and the physical protection of employees will be provided by the National Police.

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