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About expanding the circle of loved ones and members of the declarant family

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption drew attention to the expansion of the circle of relatives and family members of the declarants in accordance with the amendments to the Law on Prevention of Corruption and entered into force on 18 October.

From now on, the term “close persons” in the Law applies to the nephew and niece, as well as to the father and mother of the wife (husband) of the son (daughter).

For the purposes of financial control, the family members of the declaring subject are now considered to be his minor children, regardless of cohabitation, cohabitation and the existence of mutual rights and obligations.

The NAPC reminded that the circle of relatives is subject to restrictions on joint work: public servants are prohibited from having such persons under their direct supervision.

In addition, the Public Council of the National Agency may not include persons whose relatives are or, regardless of duration, have been employees of the NAPC for the past three years.

The NAPC pointed out that the new rules for declaring and submitting notifications of significant changes in property status (amendments to Articles 46 and 52 of the Law on Prevention of Corruption) will come into force on January 1, 2020.

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