A statement of claim for divorce of a spouse who has children

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A statement of claim for divorce of a spouse who has children

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Divorce - this is a difficult step, especially when there are children in the family.

Filing a claim is the first step in the process, and a properly drafted one can make the entire legal process much easier.

How and where to write a statement of claim for divorce of a spouse who has children

  1. Determine the place of submission of the application.
  • First of all, you need to determine the place where you will file the lawsuit. Usually, it can be the court at the place of residence or registration of the defendant.
  1. Try to apply without errors.
  • It is important to avoid unintentional mistakes before submitting your application. It is better to contact a lawyer or a specialist in legal matters for consultation and verification of documents.

What to include in the legal statement for divorce of a spouse who has children

In filing for divorce, especially when there are children involved, it is important to include carefully prepared information that reflects all aspects of your marital situation and intentions regarding the divorce.

Below is a list of what should be included in the statement of claim:

  1. Basic data.
  • Names and addresses. Enter the full names of both spouses, as well as their residential addresses. Enter the children's data as well.
  • Date and place of marriage. Enter the date and place of marriage registration.
  1. Description of the reasons for termination.
  • Full description of the situation. Tell the court in detail about the circumstances that led to the dissolution of the marriage.
  • Description of events. Guidance on specific events or situations that may be important to understanding the situation.
  1. Additional requirements.
  • Applications for change of surname. If one of the spouses intends to change the surname, this can be included in the application.
  • Other legal requirements. Depending on the specific situation, you may need to include other requirements or statements.
  1. Signatures and date. Mark the place for the signatures of both spouses and the date of the application.

It is important to consult with an attorney and review all documents to ensure they are correct and meet court requirements. Filing a divorce petition is a key step in the process, and a properly drafted document will greatly facilitate further legal procedures.

What exactly can a lawyer help with?

  • Professional consultation. A lawyer can provide professional advice on all aspects of divorce and indicate the most beneficial course of action.
  • Preparation of documents. A lawyer can prepare all the necessary documents and ensure that they are in the correct form.
  • Representation in court. In court proceedings, a lawyer can be your representative, representing your interests in court and helping to ensure a fair verdict.


Filing a claim for divorce - this is a serious step, especially when there are children in the family. Hiring a professional attorney helps ensure proper paperwork and effective representation in court, reducing stress and simplifying the entire divorce process.

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