A sabotage lawyer is a lawyer under Article 113 of the Criminal Code

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A sabotage lawyer is a lawyer under Article 113 of the Criminal Code

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Ukrainian criminal legislation defines a wide range of crimes, among which sabotage occupies an important place. A lawyer specializing in sabotage cases plays an important role in protecting the rights and interests of the suspect or the accused. One of the most important and complex aspects is Article 113 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (CPC), which deals with sabotage.


What does Article 113 of the Criminal Code mean?

Article 113 of the Criminal Code defines sabotage as a crime related to encroachment on the territorial integrity, inviolability and security of the state. This may include the planning and execution of terrorist acts, attacks on objects of national importance, transport or communications, as well as other actions aimed at creating a threat to the security of the state.

A sabotage lawyer is a lawyer under Article 113 of the Criminal Code - urb 9889 2

The role of the lawyer in the sabotage case

A lawyer who specializes in sabotage cases must have a deep understanding not only of criminal law, but also of the political and military context in which the crime was committed. He interacts with the client to obtain all the necessary information, carefully analyzes the evidence, studies the circumstances of the case and develops a defense strategy.

  • Procedure for consideration of the case. Sabotage cases are heard by military or specially authorized courts, which makes them extremely difficult and responsible for all parties. A lawyer must have extensive experience in representing clients before such courts and a deep understanding of their practice.
  • Defense strategy. A sabotage lawyer develops a defense strategy based on a high level of professional expertise. He analyzes the possibility of violations of the rights of the suspect or the accused during detention, searches, interrogation and other legal events. It is also important to study the chain of evidence, including its acquisition and reliability.


  • Expert help. Sabotage cases often require expert assistance from various fields, such as military and political expertise, field studies, technical aspects, etc. A lawyer must have the ability to engage qualified professionals and experts to support his defense strategy.
  • Negotiations and media strategy. A lawyer in a sabotage case must be able not only to effectively defend his client in court, but also to negotiate with law enforcement agencies, avoid illegal searches or arrests, and manage the information space. An effective media strategy can significantly influence the course of events and public opinion.
  • Completion of the case. After the conclusion of the legal process, the lawyer continues to defend the interests of the client in appeal and cassation instances, if necessary. It is also important to provide legal support during the serving of the sentence and subsequent transfer to serving the sentence in other conditions.

A sabotage lawyer is a lawyer under Article 113 of the Criminal Code - urb 4421 scaled e1683725263498

A diversion lawyer plays an extremely important role in ensuring justice and protecting the rights of a person who is suspected or accused of committing a crime under Article 113 of the Criminal Code. His expertise, strategic thinking and ability to effectively interact with other human rights and expert organizations make him an integral link in the system of human rights protection and legal justice.

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