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Expert in criminal law. The lawyer specializes in crimes of corruption and bribery. Protect you in your criminal proceedings.

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A lawyer in a criminal trial

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A lawyer in a criminal trial is a reliable protection of the accused/suspect against illegal actions of law enforcement agencies, procedural errors, incorrect interpretation of facts and information in the case. Thanks to the knowledge of all the intricacies of the criminal process, an experienced criminal lawyer can always be several steps ahead, providing high-quality and effective representation of the client's interests. If you or your loved ones need a lawyer in criminal proceedings, the lawyers of "PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS" will be able to provide you with professional assistance. The main goal of our specialists is to protect the client's rights at all stages of the criminal process.

Functionality of the lawyer in the criminal process

Are you being summoned for questioning? Did they come to you with a search? Are you a defendant in a criminal case? If you answered affirmatively to at least one question, you will need the advice of a lawyer who specializes in solving criminal cases.

Criminal processes belong to the category of the most complex and require a professionally built, competent and well-argued line of defense. Only a qualified lawyer can provide this.

The specialists of "PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS" understand all the nuances of investigative and judicial practice, freely navigate a wide range of current legislative acts.

A lawyer can be involved in the defense process at any of the stages. However, if possible, it should be involved as early as possible. This is due to the fact that in most cases it is more difficult to correct errors than to help prevent them.

Important: qualified and high-quality assistance of a lawyer will allow to protect the interests of the accused as effectively as possible. Before the lawyer arrives, you should follow these tips:

  • Do not sign any documents without consultation.
  • Do not give any explanations or testimonies.

A lawyer in criminal proceedings can protect the interests of:

Accused, suspect, convicted, victim or applicant or witness.

A properly constructed defense strategy is the key to success in the criminal process

The support of professionals in the field of criminal processes will help to avoid unfair or unreasonably harsh punishment. The lawyers of "PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS" will make every effort to protect your rights in the process of conducting a criminal case.

The main goal is to deliver an acquittal. In addition, the lawyer can achieve the reclassification of the article to a more "mild" one, implement the implementation of parole, cancel preventive measures, appeal the seizure of the client's property.

The criminal lawyers of our company guarantee 100% confidentiality. You can be absolutely sure that the information provided by you during consultations falls under the category of "lawyer's secret", and therefore, will not be disclosed. This rule also applies to our entire law firm.

The principle of trust is very important. You must provide your lawyer with all the data necessary to make a clear picture of the events. This will make it possible to develop the most optimal protection strategy.

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Expert in criminal law. The lawyer specializes in crimes of corruption and bribery. Protect you in your criminal proceedings.

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