A lawsuit with an MFO – how to win a lawsuit with an MFO?

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A lawsuit with an MFO – how to win a lawsuit with an MFO?

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The demand for microfinance services is growing rapidly, as banks often refuse loans due to borrowers’ low incomes, little work experience, bad credit history or lack of collateral. Therefore, for many people, microfinance organizations become the only source of funds. Thanks to this, microfinance is becoming increasingly important for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as meeting the financial needs of the population.

What is an MFO?

Microfinance organizations are companies that provide small short-term loans to the population, entrepreneurs and organizations that, for various reasons, cannot get a loan from a bank. Such small loans are called microloans.

Reputation can sometimes hurt

Borrowers rarely talk openly about using the services of microfinance organizations, as this may harm their reputation. Many people believe that they will be able to repay the microloan on time and take control of the situation. However, in practice, it often happens that after the first day of late payment, things get out of control.

When does the need for legal assistance arise?

If you lose control of the situation, you should not hesitate and wait for “better times,” but should immediately seek qualified legal assistance. After all, the situation requires a thorough analysis of the legal consequences of loan overdue, determining the optimal response to the collectors’ proposals, and searching for possible ways to solve the problem.

When it comes to litigation, without professional support from a lawyer, you shouldn’t even hope for a positive result. After all, during the trial, you need to skillfully operate with the norms of the law, present compelling arguments, and use all the possibilities provided by law to protect the interests of the client.

Important! Attracting qualified legal assistance is the key to successfully solving problems associated with non-repayment of a microloan on time.

How to protect your rights when sued by a microfinance company?

When a microfinance company sues for an outstanding loan, there is no need to panic, because this does not automatically mean a lost case. The main thing is to remain calm and seek help from a professional lawyer who has extensive experience in litigation with microfinance organizations.

A qualified lawyer will help analyze the claim of a microfinance company, prepare a reasoned response to the claim and all the necessary procedural documents to protect interests in court. The main thing is to seek legal help in time, because the procedural deadlines are quite tight.

Professional defense of interests in court against microfinance organizations

Seeking legal assistance from professional lawyers is your chance to win a lawsuit against a microfinance organization.

The company "Prikhodko and Partners" has significant experience in successfully representing clients' interests in courts in disputes regarding microfinance organizations. Thanks to the qualified legal support of our lawyers, it is possible not only to protect your rights, but also to achieve the desired result.

In particular, the MFO's demands may be recognized by the court as unfounded, and therefore the claim will be completely rejected. Also, the amount declared by the MFO may be significantly reduced as a result of a qualified appeal against the amount of the claims.

A timely contact with leading specialists gives you a real chance to protect your interests and achieve victory in court regarding microfinance.

Don’t hesitate - the right legal actions today can radically change the situation in your favor!

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