Calendar Service Years of Military Servicemen

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Calendar Service Years of Military Servicemen

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What is calendar years of service?

The calendar years of service of military personnel is the procedure defined by law for calculating the duration of military service of such persons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations formed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, as well as law enforcement and other bodies included in the concept of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine, and other state bodies, who, according to the current legislation, are entitled to certain pension benefits. The calculation of such years of service is the basis for determining the right to a pension and its amount for military personnel.


How to calculate calendar years of service?

The Supreme Court clarified that a calendar month equal to 30 days is used to calculate the calendar years of service, and a calendar year is taken as 365 days to calculate the service.

This method of calculation makes it possible to unify the calculation of length of service for different categories of servicemen and establish universal principles for calculating calendar years of service, which ensures the same approach to all.

Terms and amounts of pension payments

In order to be able to receive pension payments for years of service, a person must meet certain conditions.

Circumstance №1 - when the time comes for a serviceman to be released to the reserve, despite the person's current age, but if his term of minimum total calendar service is over 25 years. That is, even if a person has not yet reached the age of 45, but has the specified length of service, such a serviceman receives the right to pension money.

  • The amount of monetary support (pension) in the presence of total service of 25 years or more, despite the person's current age, will be a percentage of the salary that the person received while in the service (50% for the 20 years that the person was in the service and an additional 3% for each additional the year a person has served after the total service has reached 20 years).

Circumstance №2 - in the event that the person reaches the age of 45 at the stage when the application for release to the reserve was submitted and has a total insurance experience of at least 25 years, of which at least half of this experience is service in the military and law enforcement agencies or other power structures.

  • The size of the pension in this case will be a percentage of the previous financial security plus 1% for each year of service over 25 years.
    For participants in hostilities, preferential calculation of service is provided - 1 month of participation in hostilities is equal to 3 months of regular military service.


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