Registration of ownership rights to an apartment

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Registration of ownership rights to an apartment

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For many people, buying their own home is a dream. It can be both ready-made real estate and investment of funds in a construction project. After all the permit documents have been issued and the apartment has already been put into operation, the owner of the apartment must go through confirmation of his status as a full owner. What should be done for this? Go through the procedure of registration of ownership rights to an apartment. This is one of the areas of professional activity of Prykhodko and Partners lawyers.

Documents establishing ownership of the apartment

We suggest that you first pay attention to the definition of ownership. Ownership allows you to own, use and dispose of property exclusively at your own discretion. Thus, in relation to real estate, any actions that do not conflict with current Ukrainian legislation may be performed.

Proof of ownership is a title document. Among the varieties of these documents:

  • Agreements

On the basis of these documents, the owner acquires ownership rights. That is, the owner can make donations, exchanges, transactions related to purchase or sale.

  • Certificates:
  • About the right of ownership, which is issued by the privatization body to persons who rent residential premises in a communal or state housing fund.
  • About ownership of real estate. These documents were issued by the bodies of the local state organization until January 1, 2013.

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  • Judgment

The right to acquire ownership of immovable property must be specified in the relevant decision.

  • Other documents that establish the acquisition of ownership rights to real estate.

Stages of registration of ownership of an apartment

Among the main stages of registration of ownership of an apartment:

Stage No. 1 Preparation and submission of a package of documents

In order to register an apartment, you will need documents of the prescribed form at TsNAP (Center for the provision of administrative services).

Stage No. 2 Results of consideration of TsNAP

Stage No. 3 Registration of property ownership

The positive result from the representatives of the Central Committee of the Russian Federation is supported by the Extract from the State Register of Property Rights to Real Estate.

Among the documents that will be needed to register the ownership of an apartment: personal documents of the real estate owner (passport, TIN), technical passport, contract of sale, donation, etc.

Thus, state registration of property rights to real estate is confirmation at the official state level of the facts of acquisition/termination/change of property rights to real estate.

Please note: since 2013, the State Register of Property Rights to real estate has been operational. It is in it that the relevant rights to real estate are registered. Accordingly, the right of ownership, which was registered before January 1, 2013, remains legitimate. It is not necessary to refer to the re-registration procedure.


Assistance of a lawyer in registering ownership rights to an apartment

In order to go through the procedure of registration of ownership rights to an apartment, you need to be a real expert on the current Ukrainian legislation. If you do not know all the completeness of the information, you can get a refusal.

In addition, it will take a lot of time to go through all the stages of the procedure, visit the offices of specialized specialists, etc. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you to register the right of ownership of real estate in a high quality and as quickly as possible. We will not only consult on the issue of registration of ownership rights to an apartment, but also use the best solution to the problem. Legal support of real estate transactions will allow you to become the full owner of your apartment!

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