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Legal support of marriages

The fastest and most legal way, for foreigners and stateless persons, for unobstructed stay in Ukraine

Absolutely legal grounds for obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit (without leaving Ukraine)

Making a marriage for 24 hours

Legal support and obtaining a certificate of marriage – per hour




Have questions? – Get answers by phone:

+380 73 007 44 01


Get legal advice by phone 

Visit our office, for registration of the contract and detailed analysis of documents

Guaranteed receive a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Expert opinion


Marriage is the fastest and legal way, for foreigners and stateless persons, for a quiet life in Ukraine

Having concluded a marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, a foreigner – has the opportunity to immediately obtain a residence permit in Ukraine (without leaving his country of citizenship)

Being married, with a person, with Ukrainian citizenship, after 2 years, a foreigner – gets a residence permit and has the opportunity to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine, after 2 years of marriage, even without living in Ukraine

This is the fastest and most comfortable way for anyone who wants to live in Ukraine and visit the countries of the European Union – without visas

Legal support of your marriage – will save you from fraud, fiction, queues and long months of bureaucratic problems and expectations. Save your time and money

Turning to us, you become – the path of the European future. Quickly, simply and without extra effort

Juliette Taborskyh

Conditional price of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine – from 3500 UAH

Conditional dates – 24 hours



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