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Professional assistance in a few clicks is the opportunity to get legal or accounting assistance in just a few minutes. This will require a minimum of actions, such as:

– Download the “Consultant” mobile application;
– Install this mobile application;
– Ask a question to the Consultant.

  In order to download a mobile application you need to go to the App store or Google play and enter the word “CONSULTANT” in the search panel.

   Also, this startup is available at

 To complete the second point, you need to open the downloaded Consultant application. In this application, go through step-by-step instructions, namely enter your data: name, phone number, email address, and you also need to bind a payment card for payment. After, you will need to log in using your mobile phone.

  And one of the last actions will be to ask the Consultant a question. You need to state clearly and clearly the question that interests you, so that the Consultant can more accurately answer it. Also, you have the opportunity, if you want a more accurate consultation from a specialist whose answer you liked most, open his number and then contact him personally.
 Thus, you can get legal or accounting assistance in just a few minutes.

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