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Legal analysis and preparation of contracts

 A well crafted document that regulates the obligations and assessment of legal implications – is the key to future peace and guarantee respect for your interests with his performance!

 When making the relationship with the contractor agreement is the main document regulating the rights and obligations of the parties, and its execution is much more nuanced.

 Agreement – is an agreement between two or more individuals aimed at establishment, change or termination of rights and obligations of the parties.

 At the conclusion of the agreement is a prerequisite for development and contract. Since the contract is the document that defines the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties. From the correct spelling of the agreement (contract) and the accuracy of the formulation depends on its future performance, revenues from performance and business reputation contractors.

✔ contract of sale
✔ supply agreement
✔ service contract

 The contract must be given all essential conditions prescribed by law for this type of contract. Failure to follow these conditions, the contract can be invalidated or concluded. If the deal is concluded incapacitated individual without the consent of a guardian or trustee transaction is void.

 To avoid such situations, we provide a range of services:

✔ Drafting of contracts under the customer’s order,

✔ Analysis of existing contracts to develop recommendations for protecting the interests of the customer in the contract,

✔ Amendments to the contract and other services related to the conclusion and continuation of contracts.

 It should be noted that advance our lawyers developed a contract with clearly defined, unambiguous positions and coordinated mechanism for its implementation contribute to its implementation and prevent unnecessary conflicts. Conclusion of the contract must always be preceded by its systematic analysis otherwise it is possible unintended consequences after its signing.

 Drawing contract:

In developing the draft treaty will take into account your wishes and essential conditions.

✔ The draft contract agreement with you and your counterparty goes with it held negotiation procedure of the contract.

✔ Legal examination (analysis) contract

✔ If you already have a form contract (standard form used by you and / or variant which insists that your contractor, etc.) and your goal – to identify the strengths / weaknesses of the position of your interest to adapt the contract to meet your requirements or agree a contract with counterparty.

✔ We conduct due diligence provided by the contract, you are preparing a report with recommendations change agreement or amended agreement.

 Also, remember that the agreement should be brought into line with current legislation.

 LIST basic services:

✔ harmonization of the form and type of contract;

✔ analysis of contracts and minimize potential risks;

✔ identify all significant and important aspects of the agreement;

✔ checking compliance with legislation;

✔ amended contract offer optimized minimizing risks;

✔ support negotiations in the contract.

 Rates depend on the volume (number of pages) contract.

 We are ready to make an agreement in several languages. Translation costs of the contract are paid separately;

 To start our cooperation should provide us with all available source data and comments about the agreement.

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